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2023 events at Corsair Field.

January 1st this year was almost tropical to the weather we have had recently. Mid 50's, fog and drizzle. Flying, friends and food, what more could you ask for this time of the year. More than 30 members showed up and at least 20 made New Years Day flights!

2022 events held at Corsair Field.

Some photos from the December meeting held at the Danville United Methodist Church in Danville. Lots of good food, good friends and prizes, what more can you ask for? And, nice bunch of items to support the food pantry that supports Hendricks County.

We hosted our 15th Annual Blacksheep RC Modelers Warbird on Saturday October 15th. The weather started out cool with mild winds, mostly down the runway. First off, we need to thank our event Sponsors who helped make this a successful event. Sullivan RC Products, Balsa USA, Bob Smith Industries, RTL Fasteners, HobbyTown USA Indianapolis, Hall Aviation and Sky Bench Models. Please be sure to support our sponsors when purchasing products that they sell. Thanks to all the Blacksheep who worked to make this another great event. We had 30 registered pilots and lots of planes ranging from WWI era to modern day jets and everything in between. Planes of all sizes powered by electrons, glow fuel, gas and jet fuel were flown during the event.

Bryan Baumer made some really nice laser etched coffee mugs for the awards.

+Best of Show - Paul Wycoff, Ziroli plans Hellcat powered by a Saito 90R radial.

+Best WWI - Scott Black, GP Fokker DR1, featured 4 stroke power.

+Best WWII - Kyle Bushman, TF P-47, powered by a DLE 60.

+Best ARF Bash - Jeff Thomas, AF T-45 Goshawk, powered by a 120 EDF on 14 cells.

+Best Jet - Rege Hall, JMB MB339, powered by a KT85 turbine.

+Best Moderen Era - Petry Dobbs, everything, most flights and most planes of any pilot in attendance.

Raffle Winners:

E-Flite T-28 Trojan - Denny Franklin

E-Flite P-51 Mustang - Steve Haugh

E-Flite P-51 Mustang - Josh Tompkins

Laser etched mug - Ron Pound & Steve Haugh

Balsa USA glue and glue caddy - Tim Schurick, Bryan Baumer, Faron Trosper

Balsa USA Tee Shirt - Samantha Estep, Steve Wood &

All registered pilots received Sullivan RC products, Bob Smith glue or a hat.

Hope to see you see weekend next year for #16?

Some photos from the September 17th Float Fly In at Avon Town Park. We had a great turnout and many spectators as well.

2022 NMAD to support Hoosiers Veterans Assistance Foundation was a sucess, great weather, great crowd, great food! More details later.

Our annual Independance Day cookout and evening fly in was held on the 3rd this year. While it was warm, the shade and breeze made for a great evening. We had over 50 people enjoy the cookout, thanks Warren for head grill master duty. And thanks to all who brught a dessert or side dish.

2021 Click on the Corsair to fly to our 2021 14th annual Warbird Fly In page. Many impressive airplanes and a good event.

Click on the NMAD logo to visit our 2021 NMAD event to support Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation.

Pictures from our 2021 Warbird Saturday 1. Nice turnout, lots of cool warbirds. Weather was pleasant temperature wise with off and on overcast till early afternoon when full overcast skies prevailed. Thanks to Warren for handling grill duties. Raffle winners were Paul Wycoff - E-Flite 1.2m P-47, and Brian Martin - UMX A10 Warthog.

Joe Miller's B-36.

Warren Estep's FMS Mig 29

Joe Miller with foamboard F-89 Scorpion in livery his dad crewed in the Air Force.

Rege Hall's Turbinator, Swiwin 140 turbine power.

Warren Estep's 80mm L-39.

Foamy warbirds, Waren Estep's and Greg Stanfill's.

Bryan Baumer's H9 Hellcat powered by a DLE 20.

Harold Etling and Greg Stanfill with Greg's FMS 70 EDF Viper Jet.

Kyle Bushman's Top Flight P-51 Mustang, DLE 55 power w/ Keleo scale exhaust.

Faron Trosper preparing his E-Flite P-39.

John Louden and E-Flite 70mm EDF Viper Jet.

Rege Hall's Top Flite Corsair, DLE 55 power.

Brian Aimer E-Flte P-39.

Harold Etlinig's T-28 and E-Flite twin.

Kyle Bushman's Top Flite Folk Wulf.

Harold Etling.

Brian Baumer with Balsa USA 1/4 scale Fokker DVII, amazing scale details, including hand painting the lozenge pattern.

Joe Miller's B-24.

Weir Thurman's FMS 90mm F-104.

Rege Hall's Odyssey Jet, Swiwin 140 turbine power, lots a smoke!

John Louden with older E-Flite T-28.

"Col" Dave Miller back for a day with the Blacksheep.

Parker Hall flying E-Flite V22 UMX.

Parker Hall's FMS 63" Spitfire.


Click on the Corsair to fly to our 2020 13th annual Warbird Fly In page. Many impressive airplanes and a good event.

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Click the Corsair to visit to our highlights from the 2019 Thunder Over Michigan airshow, 11 Corsairs in attendance.

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Some photos from the hot 4th of July!

A few pictures from the 2019 EDF Jet Jam in Rosewood, IN. Many cool planes.

Today's annual January First Fly In of the Year flying was most likely the largest turnout we have seen in many years. Mild temps, around 40 degrees, and light winds prevailed. Although the 2" of rain on 31-Dec made the field a very wet mess, still more flights made than ever before on a 1st. Every member that flew today was a first for the New Year and sure to bring good fortune and flying the rest of the year. Tom E Hatfield was first flight at the field at the crack of dawn with a Timber UMX. Parker Hall flew a lighted Flex Innovations QQ300 at 12:01 am to bring in the New Year. Wild Bill's new MD530FF helicopter was very impressive, Parker handled the maiden flight. And, as always, there was lots of good food, good friends and conversation (hangar flying) to start the New Year. Let's make 2019 even better than 2018!


5-Dec-2018, Lot's of happy faces enjoying the evening of good food, good friends and a special visitor from AMA headquarters. Mandee Mikluski, AMA Foundation Director, joined us for the evening and presented Rege Hall with the very prestigious Carl Goldberg Award for 2018. We also put a lot of socks, gloves, hats and scarves under the DUMC Christmas tree to go to those that need assistance this time of the year. Oh yeah, and all the drawing prizes for participation during the year. 20 in all ad a raffle drawing for a 70mm EDF Viper Jet with the profits going to the church, which was kind enough to allow us to use the very nice venue for our December meeting.

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Our 2018 Platinum sponsor, please support them.

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2017 Warbird Fly In

Video highlights from the 10th Annual Blacksheep Warbird Fly In.

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Saturday October 8th, the Blacksheep helped AMA host Warrior Day 2016. The event was for Wounded Warrior Project warrior's and their families enjoy a day at the AMA national flying field. Mandee Mikulski from the AMA was chief coordinator with help from other AMA staff members. The day was cool and windy, 20 to 25 mph 90 degree crosswinds, but this did detour the entire team and Wounded Warriors from enjoying the day. The day stared with introductions, which included the mayor of Muncie. Then came pizza and soda for lunch followed by the national anthem and a 30 airshow. Parker Hall opened the airshow flying his QQ Extra 300 low and wind aided tricks. The Spencer Stevens flew a 3D helicopter demo. Stephen Woods flew his 85" Hagar 9 P-47 with Rege Hall flying his 86" Top Flite Corsair for the warbird portion of the show. Parker Hall also flew a 3D helicopter demo and the airshow concluded with Bill Gentry taxiing his very large impressive Futura jet along with Greg Alderman taxing his also very impressive Viper Jet, both had great smoke systems. Special thanks to; Bryan Baumer, Tom Carlyle, Warren Estep, Parker Hall, Rege Hall, Dave Miller, Mark Marshall, Bryan Paris, Don Schmedake, John Scolaro, Faron Tropser and Paul Wycoff for spending the day helping bring some enjoyment to many Wounded Warriors ad their families.

Parker Hall flying his QQ Extra 300 with Spencer Stevens spotting.

Some of the Blacksheep; L-R: Paul Wycoff, a wounded warrior, Parker Hall, Faron Trosper, Mark Marshall, Warren Estep and John Scolaro.

Rege Hall's Corsair.

Stephen Woods Hangar 9 P-47 Thunderbolt.

Rege's Corsair everything down and dirty for lading in the heavy crosswind.

One of the three groups of Wounded Warriors and families ready to go!

Bryan Baumer chatting with Mandee Mikulski, Bryan manned the mic for the airshow.

Warren providing instructions.

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2016 Hendricks County Airport Open House Several members supported our neighbors for the open house, "Lunch at the Airport," at Hendricks County Airport.

Display with Rege Hall, Steve Geiger, Parker Hall, David Jones and Jim Mails planes. (photo courtesy of Scott Black).

Scott Black's glider he flew at the 2016 AMA NATS and his Rascal. (photo courtesy of Scott Black).

Jim Mails Top Flite P-51 Mustang done up as a Cavalier Mustang. (photo courtesy of Scott Black).

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Day 2 at the fair, hotter than the first and smaller crowds, but we still flew. The spectators that were there were very curious. As usual, we had many build and fly the FP-9 gliders. One father and son were having a contest for loops and longest flight. Not sure who won the most rounds, but they both had smiles. Jonathan Rifkin had his young daughter trying a hand at flying a Speedracer quad. Check out the picture of the Zipper hand launching, look close, there are three. Bryan Baumer got a great shot showing Rege Hall's orange stripe Zipper and Parker Hall's green stripe Zipper very close to occupying the same airspace. Those who braved the heat this evening, put in a lot of flights, we had at least one plane in the air at all times. Thanks to Bryan Baumer, Warren Estep, Parker Hall, Parker Hall, Joe Kosiba, John Lawyer, John Louden, Mark Marshall and Weir Thurman for braving the heat an supporting the event. Warren kept interested passer byes entertained with his sound system on his large T-28 and edf jets. John Lawyer flew several micro warbirds and Mark Marsahll showed demonstrated the working swing wings on a scratch built foamy F-14 Tomcat.

Despite early rain in the afternoon and hot temperatures, we made it to the 2016 Hendricks County Fair. Bryan Baumer, Tom Carlyle,Parker Hall, Rege Hall, Tiffany Hatfield, Tom E. Hatfield, Joe Kosiba and John Louden proudly represented the club at the fair. It was hot and windy, however, we still had a lot of people stop by to visit, ask questions and watch us fly. Tom did another great job of helping many youngsters build and fly FP9 gliders. We do this agian on Friday, we welcome the back half of the alphabet to come join us.

Click on the club logo below for a flight to visit our 2016 Annual Warbird Fly in page.

Click here for details, photo highlights and a list of firsts of 2016 New Years's Day.

A really good turnout for the December meeting. Almost 70 people enjoyed lots of good food (Joe's smoked ham was great), good company and lots of prizes. The club was able to give away 25 prizes in all. We also had a $10 special on the new tee shirts and 20 took advantage of the special.

NEWSFLASH: We raised $5,870 to support Wounded Warrior Project. Click the logo below for the 2015 National Model Aviation Day to support Wounded Warrior Project webpage.

Click here to view the 2015 "Blacksheep at the Hendricks County Fair" page.

Click on Roger Dohm's T-28 to take-off for a visit to our 2015 8th Annual Warbird Fly in page.

Monday 15-June we hosted the Avon Scout Troop. Hot, muggy and windy, yet we still had 40, 50 , heck, maybe a hundred kids out to fly on simulators and then get a chance fly an rc plane on a buddy box. We were a little short on trainers, however, I think everyone got to try their hand at flying. Special thanks to those Blacksheep that showed up to help. Rege Hall, Parker Hall, Tom Carlyle, John Louden, John Edwards, Jerry Morgan, Joe Hartsock, David Jones and Sarah Jean Rees. Jerry Morgan, Joe Hartsock and john Louden brought trainers. David Jones, Sarah Jean Rees, John Louden and Tom Carlyle brought lap tops with flight simulators.

Sarah Jean Rees, Tom Carlyle and David Jones manning the 4 flight sims for the Avon Scout Troop. What a crowd, we had ,I am pretty sure, more than 40 youngsters enjoying the flight simulators and a chance to fly.

John Louden getting ready to warm up the crowd.

And here is John, with Tom's assistance warming up the crowd.

Jerry Morgan assisting Joe Hartsock.

John Louden getting his Super Sportster EP ready to train with. John utilized his DX9 wireless trainer system.

Joe Hartsock starting his trainer for another tank full of trainer flights.

Parker flew his 250 quad racer and let all the kids watch through his FPV goggles, a huge hit with the kids!

Click the logo below for the 2014 National Model Aviation Day webpage, we raised $2,837.12 this year.

Blacksheep at the 2014 Hendricks County Fair, this is the most pleasant weather I can remember for our fair appearances. Thanks to everyone who come out and participated. We had over 30 models on static display from small micros to foamies to helicopters to 100cc aerobatic planes. We had some type of aircraft flying for almost 4 hours. This included helicopter demos, quad copter flying, the crowd loved the flat foamie pylon racing and combat. Tom Carlyle and John Lawyer helped a lot of young persons to build the small 9" paper plate gliders and fly them. We had lots of interest in the club and rc aircraft and we handed out club information sheets and AMA information sheets.

Parker Hall flying his MA Whiplash 700E helicopter demo as Dillon McBee acts as spotter.

A shot of the planes on the north side of the pop ups

Matt Shelton hovering his small Blade quad copter.

Ray Turner with his Hurley Extra 300 doing the "every year smoke the crowd" demo.

Bryan Baumer launching his flat Yak. Look close the tail is exiting the picture stage right.

John Louden sending his flat F-22 off for another mission. And who says you need both rudders to fly.

On your marks..>

Ready, set, race! The lineup for the second pylon race of the evening: Dillon McBee, Ralph McBee, Ray Courtney, Parker Hall, John Louden, Dave Miller and Brian Aimer.

Dave Miller's 24" F-22 making an unscheduled landing, don't worry, no harm done.

Close racing in pylon race 2, Parker Hall and Dillon McBee duel it out with their flat Eurofighters.

Brian Aimer's flat Eurofighter turning on a pylon.

The collection of race aircraft.

Ralph McBee launching his flat F-22.

Parker Hall's helicopter demo flights wowed the crowd, look close, those blades are less than an inch of the grass.

Brian Aimer with his Value Hobbies 32" Laser foamie.

One last shot of flat Eurofighters flying the pylon course.

Some photos from the 4th of July holiday weekend. Really nice pleasant temperatures and lots of flying. We had a good turnout for the cookout and family activities Friday night. Mark Tudor lead the charge for the night flying, he had several planes well lit up, gives you a whole new perspective. Dillon even flipped his Blade QX 350 in the dark.

Wild Bill with the largest electric powered aircraft we have in the club. It is a 35% Extra 300 from Aeroworks and is powered by a Rotomax 100cc motor, a 300 amp speed control and 4 6 ce;; battery packs.

John Louden's 30 cc Sbach 342coming in for a low pass.

Bill's electric Extra in flight.

Wild Bill again with his flat F-22, cool scheme.

Mark Tudor preparing for some night flying

One of Mark Tudor's night flyers, this was a highly lit up Apprentice 15E.

Mark getting the Apprentice 15E ready to go.

Erik Munevar's UMX Gee Bee celebrating 4th of July.

Paul Toda is back from Florida, flying his Sundowner 1.80 that he won the a club raffle a couple years ago.

The Monson fleet of 3D Hobbyshop AK Slick 540's.

Ray Courtney's Mike Hurley Extra 300 doing a little smokin'.

Ray's Extra coming across he filed on a low pass.

Tom Carlyle launching his flat F-22 he won at last years warbird fly in.

Part of the 70 members and families that enjoyed all the good food members brought to share.

Roger Dohm's T-28 poised and ready, Roger has a lot of flights on this plane. And it still flies well.

Justin Hartsock with his Visionaire, flies great.

David Monson doing a little low smoke show with his 100 cc 3D Hobbyshop AJ Slick 540.

Parker Hall trimming the grass with his MA Whiplash inverted style, and yes, there are green stains on the blades.

Parker Hall's Motion RC Stinger 64 mm EDF. Gets across the sky in a hurry.

Participants in the first flat foamie pylon race on the 4th.

Tom Carlyle with his recently completed Great Planes F1 Rocket Goes like the full scale it is modeled after.

Brian Aimer's Motion RC flat laser foamie making one of many flights on the 4th.

A shot of the flightline Saturday at the 7th Annual Warbird Fly In. Click here for the 2014 Warbird Fly In webpage, details and pictures from the event.

John Edwards with his Fly Zone Calypso made the first flight of the new year at the club field for 2014. Click here for Blacksheep New Years Day trivia and photos from our annual January 1st Fly In and soup lunch. Click here for details, photo highlights of the 2013 Fall Fun Fly event.

Two really hot and humid nights at the 2013 Hendricks County Fair. We had a good turnout Sunday night and a fair turnout Friday night. Lots of people wondering by, and lots of foam plate airplanes made by youngsters. This is a very big community event for us and another success.

Tom Carlyle assisitng a youngster building a foam plate glider. Matt Shelton working the crowd.

Parker Hall and Ray Courtney, Ray with his Fancy Foam airfoiled MX2.

Matt Shelton's Addiction.

Jay Thomas and Kindra Prater educating the kids and making foam plate gliders.

Matt Shelton, oooh, just a little outside!

Parker Hall inverted and low to finish a high energy flight with his Whiplash E.

John Louden launching his micro Gee Bee.

Parker Hall after a Whiplash E flight talking to the crowd about the helicopter.

Dillon McBee, Ralph McBee, Ray Courtney and Matt Shelton.

Ray Courtney, Matt Shelton and Parker Hall.

Matt Shelton's flat Yak 55 and Ray Courtney's Fancy Foam MX2 sky dancing.

Rick Gilmore with his Blade 130X.

Two strangers passing in the , oh, just Bryan Baumer with his flat Yak and Jay Thomas.

Battling for supremacy of the skies.

Really close together. There was some foam letting.

Tom Carlyle launching his falt foamie F-22 that he won att he Warbird fly in.

Rege Hall's Blade 130X BO-105 Red Bull helicopter.

A youngster concentrating on the graphic design of her foam plate glider.

Brennen Miller flying his micro Sukhoi SU26MX. Tom Carlyle and Monty Miller making foam plate gliders for the kids stopping by.

Ray Courtney's big 100cc Hurly Extra 300.

A video from Wednesday night's fun at the field.

Another video of the action!

Be sure to thank Jay for the pulled pork, it was delicious! Photo memories from Thursday the 4th of July at the field.

The Blacksheep 2013 Warbird - is in the books. Pictured here is Rege Hall's Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair. Powered by a DEL 55 with a Troy Built 3 blade prop and Robart electric retracts with home made gear door set up.

6th Annual Blacksheep Warbird Fly In. Click here for the 2013 Warbird Fly In webpage.

What a great day and turnout for our annual January 1st fly-in and soup lunch. Click here for details, photo highlights of today's event.

The prize winners for the 2012 attendance drawing. We had 54 people enjoy the evening, lots of good food and good conversation. Winners bcck row L - R: John Louden - Great Planes Super Chipmuink, Ralph McBee - Supersportster EP, Curtis Prater - Super Sportster EP, Henry Devenney - Zlin 526, Tom E Hatfield - Zlin 526, Tom L Hatfield - Supersportster EP, John Lawyer - UCanDo, Bill Clontz - Super Sportster ARF. Front row L - R: Jay Thomas - Sonic, Tom Carlyle - Micro T-28, Parker Hall - Corsair, Rick Gilmore - Mini Contender. Not picture, Blake McBee - Corsair, Al Hill - Sonic.

Lunch at the Airport, an open house event hosted by the Hendricks County Airport Association. We shared the display area with the Screaming Eagles, lots of cool rc airplanes and lots of full scale planes to look at. And a good lunch too! You could not ask for a better day, light winds, blue skies and mild temperature around 80 degrees. Thanks to John Louden, Jay Thomas, Dave Miller, Rege Hall, Parker Hall, Ralph McBee, Dillon McBee and Ray Courtney for brining aircraft to display.

The Blacksheep display for Lunch at the Airport, hosted by the HCAA. The Screaming Eagles display.

The full scale model Rege Hall brought. It took 1200 man hours of labor to remove the 225 hp piston engine and replace it with a 450 shp turboprop engine and all the airframe mods to go with it.

John Louden, Parker Hall, Dave Miller and Tom Carlyle, what crew!

Blacksheep president Rege Hall and the members in attendance present a check to Jim Prinecell, HCAA treasurer, for their scholarship fund.

John and the now famous hand launch of his micro Gee Bee.

John's Gee Bee in flight. One young scout cam e around and informed us that this one looked to fly much better than the full scale back in the 30's.

Dillon McBee helping the ground crew at Hendricks County Airport with grass trimming with his Blade 130.

Our new banner, the blue really stands out.

Jay Thomas checking out a beautiful PT-17 Stearman.

A beautiful site, the PT-17 Stearman on departure.

Tom Carlyle and Kim Carlyle helping youngsters build and fly a FPG-9 glider. This activity went well. Click here for more details of Sunday and Friday at the 2012 Hendricks County Fair.

2012 Warbird Fly In, our 5th annual.
2012 Spring Fun Fly report 2012 New Years Day in the record books. Despite the cold temperatures, high winds and very mushy field conditions, several got in flights for the first day of the new year. Thanks to everyone who brought eats to share, good selection. Here are some Blacksheep first of the new years facts:

* First Flight - John Louden, flat F-22 electric

* First nitro flight - Ralph McBee, Kaos, after some really bouncy approaches says plane is ready for the next fun fly.

* First plane in the corn field - Bryan Baumer, flat Raven, says he found the max wind speed a Raven will sustain forward flight.

* First person to have to navigate the new fence - Bryan Baumer, because he found the max wind speed a Raven will sustain forward flight.

* First helicopter flight - Ray Courtney, Blade McpX.

1. Ralph McBee's Kaos in #24 scheme.

2. Yes, it is cold and windy and we are flying.

3. Ray Courtney taking off his Blade McpX with the wind blocking the initial liftoff.

4. Matt Shelton preparing for a flight with his Stryker.

5. Parker Hall taking off his Blade McpX.

6. Parker Hall's McpX up right, Ray Courtney's McpX inverted in the farvel maneuver.

7. Lot's of good bean soup, chili and fellowship on a cold and windy New Years day.

Club photo after the raffle and awards at Saturday October 22 fun fly. And what a great day for a fun fly. Click here for pictures and details from the Blacksheep Fall Fun Fly and cookout.

Again this year, we were asked by Twin Bridges to man a table in the main area to support their sponsorship of the fair on Tuesday. Joe Kosiba, Rege Hall and Tom Hatfield manned the table from lunch till around 4, then Drew McBain and Rege manned it through around dinner time and Drew held down the fort (or table in this case) to finish out the shift. Thanks to these guys who toughed out a very hot day to support Twin Bridges. Click here for pictures and details from Sunday July 17th, opening day at the 2011 Hendricks County Fair.

Steve Percifield with a well deserved Pilots Choice and People's Choice Awards for his very nice Nieuport WWI biplane. Mika Woodward with his gas powered Bell 47 helicopter in Korean War colors. Click here for pictures and details from the Blachseep RC Modelers 2011 Warbird Fly In. Check out the cool You Tube vidoe by Joe Miller.

Parker Hall's new Rave 90 helicopter getitng a workout on the 4th of July. If you missed this day at the field, you missed a great day. Click here for pictures and details from the 2011 4th of July weekend.

Don Schmedake with custom built receiver ready F-22 and Joe Kosiba with a ready to fly Sweet Stick. These were the two lucky plane winners in the 2010 Fall Fun Fly pilots drawing. Click here for details, photos and videos from the 2010 Fall Fun Fly and cookout.

Click here for details and photos form Blacksheep at the 2010 Hendricks County Fair.

What would a Blacksheep warbird fly in be without a corsair. John Louden's 1/12th scale Great Planes Corsair. Click here for details and more photos from the 2010 Warbird Fly In.

The 2009 Annual Fall Fun Fly and cookout was great. Great weather and a great turnout, over 60 members, family and friends enjoyed the cookout and flying. Click here For pictures and details from the Fall Fun Fly.

Today's Adopt-A-Highway cleanup was probably the best ever. Great weather and a great turnout, 24 members participated. We were done by 10:15 and back to the field flying. A special drawing for helpers took place, Bryan Baumer won a gallon of fuel and Vern Hines won a new tee shirt. We enjoyed hot dogs at noon and then flew events in the afternoon. Click here For pictures and details from the September 2009 Pre Fun Fly - Fun Fly.

Click here For photos and details from the 2009 Hendricks County Fair.
Click For photos and details from June 27th's Blacksheep Squadron 2009 Warbird Fly-In.

Blacksheep at the Hendricks County Fair, same song, second verse. We displayed again and flew on Friday the 25th.

Click here For details and more pictures from both Blacksheep trips to the fair.

Pictured here is Cub Scout Bear Pack 310 from Danville with Blacksheep members who help train on buddy boxes. Click here for more details of trainer day and 2008 Dave Phelps Memorial Fun Fly.

Click For photos and details from June 29th's Blacksheep Squadron 2008 Warbird Fly-In.
Clickhere For details and photos from the October 2007 Fun Fly and Family day.
Clickhere For details and photos from the August fun fly.
Click here For details and photos of the 2007 Spring Fun Fly.
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