2006 Fall Fun Fly Saturday October 7, was an absolutely beautiful day. For flying and our annual fall cookout. We had approximately 70 people for lunch and then 18 members flew in the four awards events. We also flew a ball drop catch and musical pylons as extra events. We had many spectators at all times as the weather was great and the field is in excellent shape. Special thanks to Deene Vanmeter and Tom Carlyle for all their help in scoring the events. Also, for Jim Huddleston and Matt Williams who were pylons for the Pony Express. I think everyone had fun and lots of flying.

Time Over Target:

1 - Dillon McBee, 1.6

2 - Weir Thurman, 5.2

3 - Don Schmedake, 6.7

4 - Alan Hill, 6.9

5 - John Louden, 9.1


1 - Parker Hall, 34:52

2 - Charles Gray, 42:86

3 - John Louden, 45:41

4 - Ed Brazzell, 50:01

5 - Alan Hill, 52.13

Blacksheep Scramble:

1 - Parker Hall & Don Schmedake, 26:58

2 - Charles Gray & Tim Landon, 33:14

3 - Alan Hill & Dan McVey, 34:14

4 - Jerry Baldasso & Blake McBee, 34:48

5 - Ed Brazzell & Dillon McBee, 42:98

Pony Express:

1) Bill England, Charles Gray & Rege Hall, 1:35:06

2) Alan Hill, Ralph McBee & Dan McVey, 1:35:68

3) Tim Landon, Ed Brazzell & Deene Vanmeter, 1:40:12

4) Joe Hartsock, Jerry Baldasso & Blake McBee, 1:49:25

5) Dillon McBee, Joe Kosiba & John Louden, 2:23:24

6) Weir Thurman, Don Schmedake & Parker Hall, 2:24:15

Ball Drop Catch:

Rege Hall w/ Tom Carlyle catching - 125 points

Musical Pylons:

Parker Hall due to a pylon cut by Don Schmedke

Click on any of photos below for a larger view and see description below the pictures:

Top row left to right:

- Alan Hill rolling the dice after flying the crapshoot event

- Joe Hartsock getting ready to take off for crapshoot event

- Joe Kosiba throwing the dice to finish his crapshoot

- Bill England with his Hawk getting ready to take off

- Jerry Baldasso taxiing out his Twist

Second row left to right:

- John Louden with his Hawk leaving the circle

- Dan McVey taking off with Parker Hall's Hawk (once again the community Hawk)

- Ed Brazzell and Dillon McBee getting ready to blast off for the Blacksheep Scramble

- Rege Hall taking off with Parker's Hawk as Weir Thurman is also gettting ready

- Parker Hall with his Hawk and Don Schmedake on Blacksheep Scramble

Third row left to right:

- Joe Kosiba taking the mail to the timer as John Louden just landed with it

- Ralph McBee retaining the family Hawk for Blake as he, Joe Hartsock and Alan Hill get ready for the Pony Express

- Group photo of the fun flying Blacksheep

- Dan McVey, Don Schmedake and Weir Thurman on Pony Express

- Joe Kosiba landing his Twist 60 in Blacksheep Scramble

Fourth row left to right:

- Charles Gray taking off on his Crapshoot flight

- Parker Hall taking off on Blacksheep scramble

- Alan Hill landing in Pony Express as Ralph McBee waits his turn to go

- Take off for Musical Pylons

- Ralph and Blake McBee getting Hawk ready for flight in Time Over Target

If you notice, there are lots of Hawks, great plane for club fun flying.