Blacksheep at the Hendricks County Fair.

Sunday July 20th, we had a great turnout. 18 blacksheep brought out 26 planes, 3 helicopters and a Super Sportster bare bones. The static display was a big success, we had everything from small foamies to a 38% Katana S aerobatic plane We had every type from WWI fighter to a Corsair and Spitfire to about every type aerobatic plane flying. We had plenty of materials to hand out, and despite the mid 90's and very humid weather, had quite a few interested people stop by. Also, despite the conditions, after the cars from the car show left, we were able to fly several planes. John Louden flew his Zagi, Jonathan Rifkin flew his RC Universe electric bipe, Blake McBee flew his T-Rex and FaltCanDo and Rege Hall flew his Addiction electric and Pluma electric planes. We had our club banner and pop ups and thanks to Joe Hartsock and John Louden for their pop ups. Rege and Dillon went and got bottled water and pop and filled an ice chest, we really needed those. Thanks to all the Blacksheep who participated.

L-R: 1) Jonathan Rifkin flew his electric RC Universe bipe several times. Flew well despite the wind.

2) Blake McBee flying his T-Rex, brightly colored was easy to see.

3) Blake McBee taking off FlatCanDo, with Tom Carlyle and Joe Hartsock assisting.

4) Shot of Sunday the 20th's display from the east.

5) Shot of Sunday the 20th's display from the west.

Same song second verse, we displayed and flew again on Friday the 25th. Another great turnout from the club, we had 25 planes and three helicopters. We had drinks, pop up canopies, lots of material to hand out and best of all, lots of spectators. We displayed closer to the main buildings and had a lot of people of all ages watching the flying. Weather today was much more pleasant, a little muggy, but only about 82 degrees and overcast. Parker, Blake, Jonathan, John and Rege all made flights. Parker really wowed the crowd with his Stratus, low, fast, upside down, everything. Blake flew his T-Rex and had many people asking "how many turns a second will that thing do" as he peddle turned so fast you could not count. He also flew McBee's FlatCanDo. Special thanks to all who showed up with planes, again, we had a great variety and to Ralph and Dillon for helping pit everyone, Tom and Kim Carlyle for crowd control and Tony Bowling and Don Trosper for loading every thing up and bringing to the fair.

It was a huge success, we had several fair board members stop by and offer compliments. We have already been asked back for next year. They would like the same two nights show! Once again, this was a big success as we handed out lots of brochures, talked to lots interested people and wowed the public. A reporter from the Hendricks County Flyer was there and took lots of pictures and said some should appear in Tuesdays issue.

L-R: 1) Tom and Kim Carlyle working crowd control and looks to be enjoying some fine fair snacks.

2) Jonathan Rifkin launching his scratch built small sized pizza box flyer.

3) John Louden running and skoking his Big Hawk. Really smokes well and I could not believe people stood in the smoke.

4) Parker and Blake getting ready for Parker to fly Stratus.

5) Jonathan Rifkin getting ready to snatch his RC Universe bipe out of the air.

6) Parker Hall with Stratus going verticle, something a helicopter is not supposed to be able to do.

L-R: 1) Blake McBee's colorful T-Rex caught in one of the few seconds it was not turning and twisting.

2) Parker Hall's Stratus.

3) Rege Hall bringing in his Addiction electric aerobat.

b 4) Blake and Parker helping out John after landing his Zagi. Fast and unsual electric noise kept the crowd watching.