Welcome to the 2009 Blacksheep Warbird Fly-in.

Wow! What a great day for the 2009 Blacksheep 2009 Warbird Fly In. We had 25 registered pilots with over 35 airplanes of all sizes and eras. The skies were blue, high 80's, light winds and dry air. We had lots of shade and lots of cool drinks. We had over 60 for lunch, special thanks to Bryan and Scott for taking care of the lunch.

Special thanks to all our out of town guests and all the Blacksheep who helped make this a successful event. Another special thanks to Jaymee Hall and Ashley Hill for taking care of the concession stand. While on special thanks, Tony Bowling and Don Trosper for keeping the field in such great shape. Wanye Jones and Tom Wallace handled the frequency impond. Parker Hall flew a couple 3D heli demo's. Once again, all Blacksheep - great job.

We had many nice planes as you can see in the pictures below. We also had great prizes for the raffles, The raffle was made possible from raffle sponsors Ray Turner, Bryan Baumer, Rege Hall, Scott Sorenson and the Blacksheep Club. The People's Choice and Pilot's Choice were both awarded to Sam Parfitt for his very nice Beech C45 twin and P-47 Thunderbolt and SNJ-3. The Club's Choice award went to our own Doug Thomas for his Stearman, Corsair and Cobra heli. The raffle winners:

Pilots Raffle:

65" Nitro Models P-51 - John Edwards

Ziroli Corsair Plans - Mark Wolf

Custom painted pilot - Parker Hall

Open raffle:

65" Nitro Models P-51 - Don Schmedake

Parkzone Focke Wolf 190 electric - Dan Bush

gallon of fuel - Andrew Maasch

fuel pump - Dillon McBee

glue - Jerry Bessler

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.

1) Rege Hall's Top Flight Gold Edition 85" wingspan P-51 Mustang. Done in Kansas Air National Guard colors. Powered by a ZDZ.40, with Robart retracts.

2) Don Trosper's Pica T-28. 79.5 in wingspan, 12 lbs with an MDS 1.48 two stroke. (photo by Tom Crane)

3) Mike Whitmore's Hangar 9 65" wing span P-51 Mustang.(Tom Crane photo)

4) Ray Courtney taxiing out his Great Planes Fun 51. Neat little profile P-51 powered by an OS .46.

5) Mark Wolf's very nice 6manflyrc F-14 Tomcat. 40" wingspan out, 24.7" wingspan with wings swept.

6) Doug Thomas taxiing out his very nice and large Stearman. Powered by a 5 cylinder radial, I think RC Showcase.

1) Doug's Stearman up, up and away. Very nice flying plane and the radial sounds great.

2) Tom Carlyle's and Lou Torres' Hangar 9 Corsairs doing a little formation.

3) Tom Carlyle with his Saito 100 powered Hangar 9 Corsair. Tom changed out the retracts for a set of Robart's, very nice.

4) Tom Wallace and Wayne Jones with Tom's electric ducted fan F-86. 39" wingspan, 2.3 lbs from a Kyosho kit.

5) Mark Wolf with his micro fleet of planes. Mark had an F-14 Tomcat, Corsair, P-47 and FW-190, all foam and electric.

6) Doug Thomas's Ziroli 93" wingspan F4U-1A Cosair, powered by a big Saito radial.

1) Mark Wolf's 30"wing span Alpha FW-190 electric.

2) Faron and Don Trosper with Faron's PT-19. 96" wing span, 19 lbs with a 3W35 and was scratch built by Dick Northam.

3) Sam Parfitt's Ziroli plans Beech C45 twin. 114" wing span at 40 lbs with 2 Zenoah G-38 engines.

4) Sam's C45 on take off, very nice plane.

5) Dog Thomas with Tom Crane assisting on Doug's Corsair.

6) Doug's Corsair in flight, good looking plane and great sound. The trailing smoke looked like mist out of the full sclae Corsairs radiator.

1) Doug's Corsair coming in for a landing.

2) Joe Kosiba with his Top Flight P-40 Warhawk.

3) Tim Landon launching his Great Planes L-39 Albatross electric ducted fan.

4) Jonathan Rifkin with his Great Planes 1/12 scale combat Corsair. He won this at a club raffle several years ago and keeps it flying.

5) Dan Bush with his World Models P-51 Mustang "Candy Man".

6) Doug Thomas's Cobra heli, has Hirobo mechanics. Another very nice model, flown by Parker Hall.

1) Sam Parfitt's very nice Ziroli P-47 Thunderbolt. Covered in chrome tape with all the surface details. Has a 96" sinspan, 30 lbs with a 3W75. Lots of cool options. Lights, cowl flaps, sliding canopy and more.

2) The Champaign gang, Richard Watson and Ron Bell. They flew many 1/12th scale warbirds.

3) Sam's P-47 in flight.

4) Another shot of Doug Thomas's Corsair coming in for a landing.

5) Sam Parfitt's very nice T-6 Texan (SNJ-3). 101" wing span, powered by a 3W75 and has tons of cool options.

6) The T-6 taxiing out.

1) Richard Watson's F4 Phantom electric ducted fan jet by Kyosho.

2) Tom Crane's very nice OH-6 Little Bird (commercial MD 530)

3) Tom Crane with his OH-6. Parker Hall and Doug Thomas in tow.

4) Kit winners: Don Schmedake, John Edwards and Dan Bush.

5) John Louden launching Parker Hall's Great Planes 1/12th scale P-51.

6) Parker Hall's Great Planes 1/12th scale P-51 Mustang. Powered by an OS .25 at 2.6 lbs. Very fast.

1) Bryan Baumer's Hangar 9 Fokker DVII, Saito .72 powered.

2) Lou Torres with Parker Hall and Ray Courtney assiting on Lou's Hangar 9 Corsair. Powered by a Magnum .91 four stroke.

3) John Edwards with his Hangar 9 SE5A. 49" wingspan powered by an OS .56 four stroke.

4) Bill Garrison's SE5A looking to mix it up with Bryan's DVII.

5) Lou Torres' Hangar 9 Corsair on a steep power climb at take off.

6) Tom Carlyle's Hangar 9 Corsair cruising by.

1) Rege Hall's Hangar 9 Spitfire. 65" wingspan, 7.5 lbs powered by a Saito 100 four stroke.

2) Don Schmedake firing up his old Top Flight P-40 Warhawk.

3) Another shot of Mark Wolf's very nice F-14 Tomcat.

4) John Louden getting ready for a flight with his Great Planes 1/12th scale Corsair. Powered by an OS 25 and weighs 3 lbs. Parker Hall holding, Dillon McBee watching.

5) Richard Watson's Focke Wulf TA-152H, 50" wingspan, 3 lbs, powered by an OS 25 and from a CZ Republic kit.

6) Parker Hall treated us to a couple imressive 3D heli flights with his Pink Panther Stratus.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day. And all said, "let's do it again next year."