2010 October Fun Fly and cookout Saturday 16-Oct-10, what a wonderful day for our annual fall fun fly and cookout. Started out cool , but soon warmed up. Had around 60 people enjoying all the great food and burgers and dogs. First, important things, we collected 143 items for the food pantry, over 120 boxes of mac & cheese, great job.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the food pantry. And a very special thanks to all who help3ed out in making this a great day, including the cooking, food set up etc. we truly have a great group of people.

We had lots of open flying and flew 4 events before holding an awards presentation, raffle drawing and a pilots drawing. The special pilots drawing:

Don Schmedake - custom built receiver ready F-22 flat foamie. Donated by Rege and Ralph.

Joe Kosiba - Sweet Stick with engine, radio, and flight box that was donated by a past members family.

The open drawing winners:

Turnigy 4 LiPo charger - Mark Tracy

Gallon of fuel - Don Trosper

Ca glue - Mike Whitmore

Epoxy - Wilma Tracy

Blacksheep retro tee shirt - John Lawyer

Blacksheep retro tee shirt - Dillon McBee

The first event was the Crapshoot. Each pilot rolled two dice, then took off, flew around the pylons, performed 1 loop and then landed back in the circle. After their plane was stopped in the circle, they rolled the dice till they rolled the same number they rolled to start the event. Since we used two dice, if you rolled 20 times, that was good. Not sure anyone used that rule though. Some Really tough flying.

1. Parker Hall - 25.32

2. Matt Shelton - 34.02

3. John Lawyer - 39.67

4. Blake McBee - 39.97

5. Ray Courtney - 43.14

6. Ralph McBee - 45.89

7. Jonathan Rifkin - 47.43

8. Joe Kosiba - 48.66

9. Dillon McBee - 59.90

10. Don Schmedake - 1:10.49

11. Joe Hartsock - 1:30.08

12. Dave Miller - 2:22.06

13. Bryan Baumer - DNF

The second event was the Blacksheep Scramble, nitro only event, a two man event with teams drawn at random. Time stared when first plane left the circle and ended when the second plane was stopped in the circle. One pilot flew three rolls and landed while the other flew 3 loops and landed. All teams took off at the same time or very close to it. This is always an exciting event with two planes in the air at the same time. Don and Rege thought they put up a great number, then everything went right for Parker and Ray. I will tell you the fast run of the event was take-off, three loops, land and stop in the circle in18 seconds.

1. Parker Hall / Ray Courtney - 24.52

2. Rege Hall / Don Schmedake - 27.80

3. Joe Kosiba / Matt Shelton - 34.36

4. Bryan Baumer / Dillon McBee - 39.95

5. Vern Hines / Gary Melkey - 44.63

6. Dave Miller / Jonathan Rifkin - 56.58

7. John Lawyer / Ralph McBee - 1:04.48

8. Joe Hartsock / Blake McBee - 1:06-01

The third event was the very popular and extremely fun Pony Express. A three man team event with teams drawn at random (yes, they really were at random, Big Bob did the draw). Time started when a team member grabbed the mail from judge Brian James. It ended when the third plane was stopped in the circle and the mail delivered back to Brian. Each pilot took off out of the circle, flew a lap around the pylons and then changed the mail in the circle to the next plane. Thanks to Mike Whitmore and Scott Sorenson for being the brave pylon flaggers. Check out the videos of each team below the results:

1. Ray Courtney / Blake McBee / Rege Hall - 1:24.94

2. Vern Hines / Joe Kosiba / Ralph McBee - 2:05.83

3. Ray Turner / Bryan Baumer / Dillon McBee - 2:12.55

4. Jonathan Rifkin / Dave Miller / Kenny Seyster - 2:18.49

5. Don Schmedake / Gary Melkey / Parker Hall - 2:35.85

6. Matt Shelton / John Lawyer / Joe Hartsock - 2:52.39

The forth event was an electric only event, the Electric Boogey. Time started when each pilot took off, or launched, their plane, flew a loop-roll-loop-roll-loop-roll and then got their plane back into the bulls eye circle to stop the time. The wind proved tricky for many in this fun event.

1. Jonathan Rifkin - 16.12

2. Dillon McBee - 17.60

3. Blake McBee - 19.21

4. Bryan Baumer - 30.94

5. Ray Turner - 36.95

6. Ralph McBee - 39.04

7. Parker Hall - DNF

8. Vern Hines - DNF

1. Bryan Baumer with his new Maxford RC Fiesler Storch.

2. The Storch on maiden take off.

3. The Storch in flight, looks good.

4. Dave Miller heading back to roll the dice, dave, it can't be that bad!

5. Joe Hartsock with his LT 40 in the circle.

6. Dillon McBee looks on as Ralph starts the What the Heck.

7. Dillon's What the Heck and Bryan Baumer's Super Sportster ready for their runs at the Blacksheep Scramble.

8. Jonathan Rifkin with his Fazer in the circle.

9. Vern Hines EZ Sport in the circle as Gary Melkey is retrieving his Dazzler.

10. Bryan Baumer with his flat Yak 55 in the Electric Boogey.

11. Dillon launching his flat Yak 55 in the Electric Boogey.

12. Dillon in the middle of the circle to end his time.

13. Parker emerging from the pit area for the Electric Boogey.

14. Vern Hines launching his flat F-22 in the Electric Boogey.

15. Rqlph McBee with his flat Yak 55 in the Electric Boogey.

16. Ralph's Yak 55 in flight, it was an entertaining one at that.

17. Ray Turner with his flat F-22 in ht Electric Boogey.

18. Jonathan Rifkin catching his Depron Fire Fly to win the Electric Boogey.

19. Parker Hall launching his flat Euro Fighter.

20. Blake McBee launching his flat Yak 55.

21. Blake back to the middle of the circle.

22. Steve Bradley with his OS .55 powered Great Planes Extra 330.

23. Steve Greer's electric bipe, flies great.

24. Brian Jones taxiing out his Dawg House RC 71" Yak SP-55M. Powered by an OS 1.20 two stroke.

. 25. John Lawyer's Nitro Planes P-38 in flight. Powered by counter rotating K&B .61's.

26. Brian James' Yak taking