2014 New Years Day January 1, 2014, what a great day to fly. What a great day to start the new year. Let's hope all 2014 is as good as today. We had 42 members and families show up to enjoy our New Years Day tradition. Had a new member and his son join, we have a true family atmosphere and there is nothing better than a parent and child enjoying the same activity. The temperatures were in the upper 30's with very slight breeze from the south - southwest. The skies were overcast and a little difficult to see some color schemes, but great for flying this time of year. There were more cars in the parking lot than we generally see on a nice summer day. This is also the biggest feast I think we have seen for the lunch. There was at least 8 pots of various soups and chilis. A huge thanks to everyone who brought a dish to share. We had all kinds of chili (any heat level you wanted to try), 15 bean soup, Joe's ham and bean soup, jambalaya with smoked sausage and lots of crackers, veggie's, etc. There was no reason to leave hungry!

Here are the firsts for the first I could keep up with:

First flight of the new year: John Edwards, Fly Zone Calypso glider

First mishap of the year (had to have a broken prop to qualify): Matt Shelton, PA Addiction

First Warbird flight - Tom Elson, Hobby Lobby F-86 EDF

First EDF flight: Tom Elson, Hobby Lobby F-86 EDF.

First sport EDF flight - Rege Hall, Micro Habu

First float plane flight - John Louden, Nifty Fifty

First F-22 foamie flight - Tom Carlyle, F-22, of course

First flat foamie flight - Jay Thomas, flat Yak 55

First large scale flight - Bill Clontz, electric OMP MX2

First helicopter flight - Parker Hall, Blade 130X

First FPV quad flight - Ray Courtney

First gas powered flight - Brian Martin, DLE 20 powered Showtime 90

First nitro flight - Joe Hartsock, Sig Kouger

First trip into the corn field - Brian Martin

First, first time flight - Gary and Sam Jackson, Apprentice

First twin engine flight - Joe Miller, PBY

First inverted landing - Blake McBee, Flat-Can-Do.

First naked Parrot drone flight - Dillon McBee

First Bug flight - Eric Munevar, Bug

First very bright scheme flight - Ralph McBee, flat F-22

First Ugly Stick variant flight - Curtis Prater, Stick 40

First 2013 Toledo purchase flight - Rick Gilmore, OMP Extra 300 LT

First pylon racer flight - Weir Thurman, Watt Cat

First camo T-28 flight - Ryan Gilmore, Park Zone T-28

First AS3X fixed wing flight - Andrew Gilmore, Park Zone Visionair.

First AeroWorks plane flight - Tom Hatfield, EA260 profile

First flight nobody seen it was so fast - Bryan Baumer, didn't see it.

First flight with an Orange transmitter - Daniel Curtis, flat F-22

First true FPV flight - Lou Torres

First Tower Hobbies plane flight - Brian James, Kaos 40

First repaired plane flight - Troy Whitted, Apprentice 15E

First P-47 flight - Scott Martin, Park Zone P-47 w/ retracts

I might have missed a first of the new year or two, if you know of one I missed, drop me a note.

Matt Shelton hovering 2014.

Matt showing fly low skills.

Matt getting the first mishap of the year award. I think he got a wind gust, no major damage as all Matt's are Tonka Tough!

One of those days with the flag hanging straight down.

Rege Hall witht micro Habu.

Joe Hartsock with his first nitro flight of the new year Sig Kouger.

Joe Miller, electric PBY, first twin engine of the year flight. Had no trouble taking off the damp grass.

Tom Elson with his Hobby Lobby F-86 EDF, first warbird flight of the new year.

John Louden assembling his Nifty Fifty for the first of the year float flight.

Curtis Prater with his Stick 40, flew several flights.

Jay Thomas launching his flat Yak 55 for the first flat foamie flight of the new year.

Tom Carlyle with his flat F-22 foamie, first flight of the new year for an F-22 flat foamie. E won this at the 2013 Warbird fly in.

Ralph McBee prepare his brightest scheme first of the new year flight.

Brian Martin launching his Flite Zone T-28. Brian probably got in a more flight than anyone else this day.

Tom Hatfield and Tom Hatfield discussing their massive fleet of aircraft with Matt Shelton.

Some of the good eats for the day!

Another shot of the food table, also, many dishes on the counter to consider.

Ray Courtney looking over his FPV before his first FPV flight of the new year.

Parker Hall with Blade 130X for the first helicopter flight of the new year.

Bill Clontz assembling his electrified 30cc MX2, still has the WOW in the cold.

And the crowd looks on, I think they are curios as to whether Ray's FPV quad will find it's way back, or maybe keeping an eye on it. Front row L-R: Eric Munevar, Scott Sorenson, Ray Courtney (check out the warm hands transmitter bag), Daniel Curtis and Parker Hall. Back row: Mike Whitmore.

Ray's FPV quad coming home.

Eric Munevar with his indoor bug for the first bug of the year flight.

Brian Martin's return from the cornfield for the first trip into the field for the new year.

Tom Hatfiled lauching his Aero Works 260 profile.

Troy Whitted readying his Apprentice 15E for a flight.

Mark Tudor getting his Blade 350 Quad copter ready to go. Mark also had a 180 sized Mustang.

Blake McBee passing by with the McBee family Flat-Can-Do.

The Flat-Can-Do really low.

Blake making the first inverted landing of the new year. I think engine quit, but we'll still give him credit, good save.

Weir Thurman with his Watt Cat, an electrified Scat Cat pylon racer for the first pylon racer flight of the new year.

Ryan Gilmore with his Flite Zone T-28.

Rick Gilmore bringing his 2013 Toledo purchase for a maiden flight.

Scott Martin just finishing qa flight with his Flite Zone P-47 Jug.

Lou Torres flying his 550 Mikado Logo, very nice to have Lou back in the club after a hiatus in theater.

Brian James getting his Tower Kaos 40 nitro ready for a flight.

New members Gary and Sam Jackson with their new Apprentice 15E. Ralph and Dillon McBee helped get them in the air. Nice to see families enjoying our hobby.

Allen Ward taxiing back his electric Luscbbomb.

Ray Courtney, Lou Torres and Daniel Curtis. Daniel getting ready to fly his flat F-22.

Joe Kosiba looks on as Brian Martin getting his newly re-engines Showtime 90 ready for another flight. Now powered by a DLE 20.