Welcome to the 2011 Blacksheep Warbird Fly-in page.

For our 2011 Warbird Fly In, we were unbelievably fortunate to be blessed with most the most remarkable weather. This may have been the first really nice day this season to fly. Blue skies, light winds, highs in the upper 70's and dry. Don, Tony and Bryan have did a great job at the field and it was in prime condition At this time, a BIG THANKS to all who helped make this a success. Special thanks also go to John Loudon, Matt Shelton, Tom Carlyle and Bob Wernsing for registration and raffle ticket sales. Dave Miller, Jay Thomas and Joe Miller for manning the grill and Jaymee Hall for collecting lunch tickets and guiding everyone to the food and drink. And, Rege Hall CD duties and donating the F-22 for the raffle. Thanks also to TJ McAfoos for hsi very nice BBQ sauces. check them out at: http://www.hbsauces.com

We had 26 registered pilots with several from other clubs. Warbird flying started before 8 am and was going strong even after the raffles at 2:30 pm. Lots of cool planes a good flying. This year seen a lot of small EDF jets. Steve Percifield and Matt Kemp brought really nice WWI planes. Here are the event winners:

Pilots Choice - Steve Percifield, Nieuport

Peoples Choice - Steve Percifield, Nieuport

Presidents Choice - Mika Woodward, Bell 47

Pilots raffle - Bryan Baumer, 40" wing span EPO Corsair

Open raffle winners:

40"wing span EPO Corsair - Don Trosper

receiver ready foamie F-22 - Drew McBain

epoxy (glue, glue) - John Louden

Robart stand - Don Presdorf

Chicken stick - Rege Hall

Blacksheep ball cap - Ray Courtney

Monocote trim tool - Henry Deveeny

Joe Miller put togther this You Tube video of the event:

click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view. Then click back to go back to the pictures.

1. Mark Tudor taxing back in from one of many flights with his electric C-47.

2. Mika Woodward hovering his Bell 47 gas powered helicopter.

3. Jay Thomas with his Park Zone PT-19, nice flying plane.

4. Bryan Baumer carrying out his new Park Zone P-47 Jug.

5. Bryan's P-47 in flight.

6. Matt Shelton with his Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang

7. Matt's Mustang in flight, really looks good down low, down the runway.

8. Coming in for a landing out of the sun end of the runway.

9. Tom Carlyle getting a hand form Dave Miller checking the CG on his Hangar Corsair.

10. Mika Woodard's Venom A-4 Skyhawk.

11. Mika retrieving his A-4.

12. Greg Thompson with E-Flight P-40 Warhawk 300 size.

13. John Louden proudly displaying his micro Corsair, John also put in a lot of flights with his foamie F-22.

14. Steve Greer with his electric P-51 Mustang.

15. Mika's Bell 47, looks right it came right form the Korean War scene.

16. Don Trosper enjoying a flight with his Park Zone micro T-28.

17. John Lawyer's Nitro Models P-38 Lightning, powered by 2 K&B .61's.

18. Mark Tudor's C-47 making a nice landing.

19. Mika Woodward's GWS F-15 Eagle, very smooth and fast.

20. Steve Greer's P-51 Mustang landing.

21. Charles Gray with his FW-190.

22. Greg Thompson with his larger Park Zone Corsair, flew it many times, very nice.

23. Steve Percifield's very nice Nieuport.

24. How many guys does it take to start a plane? Several club members helping Bryan get his Hangar 9 Fokker DVII ready to go.

25. Don Presdorf holding an EDF F-16 talking to Weir, imagine that, about EDF jets.

26. Steve's Nieuport passing away from the camera.

27. Ray Courtney and the P-51 walk of shame, actually his L-4 decided to check out the taller grass around the runway.

28. An Eindecker in flight, a very nice plane, I think Matt Kemp's.

29. Steve Percifield's SE-5 in flight.

30. Nice shot of Steve's SE-5.

31. New club member Joe Miller's scale Saturn 5 rocket, ready to go.

32. It went to fast, the next thing we got a photo of was it under chute.

33. Steve's SE-5 and Nieuport in the pit area.

34. Charles Gray's FW-190.

35. Up close shot of the Nieuport, very nice detail, powered by a Zenoah GT-80 twin.

36. Bryan Baumer taxiing out his Hangar 9 Fokker DVII.

37. TJ McAfoos readying a plane for flight as Brain McPheron looks on. (also, TJ makes up some really good BBQ sauce)

38. Bryan's DVII in flight, powered by a Saito .82 four stroke.

39. Rege Hall's Top Flight P-51 Mustang on a low level pass. Powered by a ZDZ 40 gas engine.

40. The Mustang making a show pass across the field.

41. Gear down and full flaps, very nice landing with the 86" wing span Mustang.

42. Tom Carlyle and John Louden getting ready for the raffles.

Stay tuned for more photos to be posted later.

What a great day! Tell your friends and family, last Saturday in June again next year.