2017 New Years Day New Years Day Fly In 2017

This New Years Day was one of the best for flying that I can remember. The temperature was very cool to start, around 26 degrees and sunny all day. By around 1:30 pm when everyone had got flights in and partaken in the great selection of food, it was up to 45 degrees. The wind stayed less than 10 mph and right down the runway. Speaking of food, thanks to everyone who brought something to share for our annual lunch. Joe had ham and bean soup as well as bean soup. We had mac & cheese, several different varieties of chili, cocktail weenies and many desserts. At one time the count of members was over 50, the parking lot was full!

First of all, everyone that flew, had a first, the first flight of 2017. Here are some Blacksheep R/C Modelers firsts of the New Year:

First flight of the New Year - Tom E. Hatfield - Carbon Z Cub

First twin engine flight of the New Year: Don Schmedake - PBY

First Apprentice flight of the New Year: Tom L. Hatfield - E-Flight Apprentice 15E

First Sig airplane flight of the ew Year: Tom Elson - Somethin' Extra

First flat foamie flight of the New Year: Faron Trosper - Sbach 342

First flying wing flight of the New Year: Rege Hall - Stryker

First gas powered flight of the New Year: Kyle Bushman - Great Planes Extra 300SP with a RCGF 15cc gas engine

First glider flight of the New Year: John Scolaro - UMX Radian

First warbird flight of the New Year - Scott Martin - E-Flight P-47

First Stick flight of the New Year: John Killinger - Great Planes Giant Stick

First flat F-22 flight of the New Year: Tom Carlyle - flat F-22 (blue)

First Mustang flight of the New Year: Bryan Baumer - E-Flight P-51 Mustang

First Timber flight of the New Year: Jay Clarke - E-Flight Timber (black stripe)

First VTOL flight of the New Year: Parker Hall - E-Flight Convergence

First T-28 flight of the New Year: Joe Miller - FMS 1100mm T-28

First Zipper flight of the New Year: John Louden - Zipper (red trim)

First Heli flight of the New Year: Justin Hartsock - Synergy nitro

First EDF flight of the New Year: Bill Clontz - Viper Jet

First fast quad flight of the New Year: Dillon McBee - Hellbender 122

First orange F-22 flight of the New Year: Ralph McBee (orange/blue) F-22

First quad flight of the of the New Year: Ray Courtney - Anakin

First micro EDF flight of the New Year: Ryan Jones - UMX E-Flight A-10 Thunderbolt

First P-47 flight of the New Year: Joe Hartsock - E-Flight P-47

First dead stick landing of the New Year: John Scolaro - Horizon T40 (yes, it was nitro)

First WWI flight of the New Year: John Lawyer - E-Flight Albatross

First DJI flight of the New Year: Jody Smoot - DJI Phantom

I might have missed one or two, if you can add to the list, send me a note.

Parker Hall flying his E-Flight Convergence, performing some flips on 2017 New Years Day.

Photos from the day, click on the picture to view it in larger format, then "back" to your browser to see more:

Tom Hatfield made the first flight of the New Year with his Carbon Z Cub, doing a little skiddig.

Don Schmedake's electric PBY.

Rege Hall with his Stryker ready to go.

Tom E. Hatfield's Twisted Hobbies Crack Fokker DR.I.

Faron Trosper with flat Sbach 342.

John Scolaro ready to fly his UMX Radian glider.

Kyle Bushman readying his Great Planes Extra 300SP, powered by a RCGF 15 cc gas engine.

Tom L. ad Tom E Hatfield posing in front of Tom L's Apprentice 15E.

Tom Carlyle's flat F-22 being launched with Don Schmedake's assistance.

Scott Martin with his E-Flight P-47.

John Scolaro executing a near perfect dead stick landing.

Bryan Baumer flying his Dallas Doll P-51 Mustang.

John Lawyer's HK Skipper, a great flying amphib, will take off dry grass, wet grass today was easy.

John Louden with his Hitec Zipper.

Joe Miller with his 1100mm FMS T-28.

Jay Clark with his E-Flight Timber.

Parker Hall hovering his E-Flight Convergence VTOL aircraft. This will do some wild flips, check out the You Tube video on the home page.

Ryan Jones Timber in high alpha climb.

Wild Bill Clontz and his Viper Jet, 8 cell power is fast.

Bill's peanut gallery.

Justin Hartsock with his Synergy nitro helicopter.

Ralph, Dillon and Bryan watching Bryan's new Blade 250 quad.

Most of the FPV crowd doing their thing.

Ralph McBee with his flat F-22, still makes the rouds.

Joe Hartsock landing his E-Flight P-47.

Bryan Baumer's Blade 250 quad racer.

Ryan Joes flying his new UMX A-10 Warthog, flies good, twin EDF's have a cool sound.

Joe Miller's T-28.

Jody Smoot preparing his DJI Phantom.

Dillo McBee holding his Hellbeder 122, it is really a battery with 4 small motors attached. Yes, it does go faaaaast!.