2019 Sig Wonder build page Many Wonders have flown!

The Wonders of Rege Hall, Faron Trosper, Bryan Baumer and Harold Etling.

Bryan Baumer with Russian schemed Wonder, decepitvely fast.

Harold Etling's Wonder on tri cycle gear.

Rege Hall's highly visable Wonder, unlimited vertical on a 4 cell pack.

John Louden's attractive Wonder, alos flies welll and fast.

If you have completed your Wonder, send a photo to Rege.

Congratulations to Rick Gilmore and Kyle Bushman, winners of the Sig Wonder build off Hobby Town USA $25 gift card drawing. Thanks to Jon Dieringer for arranging this.

Photos here are

Bryan Baumer's Sig Wonder, he may be the first to complete his in custom Russian scheme.

John Louden's Sig Wonder, almost ready to fly, very nice covering scheme.

Rege Hall's visual Wonder.

Harold Etling's trike Wonder, seen it fly, it flew well.

Tom Elson's Wonder,simple & elegant.

TIPS for successful flights:

1) When ready to fly, the CG is critical! If tail heavy, it is wild, if nose heavy it tends to porpoise.

2) Keep the elevator throw at the recommendation in the instructions.

3) Use expo if your radio has it. The planform of the Wonder makes the elevator very sensitive.

Blacksheep Club,

As discussed at the December meeting/Holiday Party, I am organizing a build and fly event for the winter of 2019 ending in a flying event on Memorial Day. I chose the Sig Wonder kit for the event, it is small and easy to build, it flies great and it is inexpensive. There are no rules for how to build the plane, just that you should start with a Sig Wonder kit. Nitro or electric and feel free to modify the fins and cowl to your liking.

Click on the Wonder to learn more about the kit:

Send pictures as you go or ideas we can post on this web page.

 Blacksheep webmaster.