Welcome to the 2011 Blacksheep 4th of July weekend page.

2011 4th of July weekend, what a great weekend. While Saturday was hot, windy and muggy (or muggly as weather lady Angela Buchman says ), Sunday was very nice all day and Monday was very nice after about 2 pm. Lot's of cool planes and flying both days. Rege Hall test flew his recently finished 40% Extra 300. Drew McBain flew the F-22 foamie that he won at the Warbird Fly In last week. He also got to fly his new Venus II. We signed up three new members, Al Ward, Robert Scott and Thomas Kahn. Parker Hall flew a new Rave 90 helicopter, by the end of Monday, he had it tuned and Parker type flying. Lot's of planes out on Monday, including as many big planes as we have seen at one session. Even had a rocket launch and successful recovery.

We also had over 60 people enjoy the family cookout, what a fantastic cookout. Burgers, brats and hot dogs and everyone really pitched in with side dishes and desserts to enjoy. Thanks to every member who helped make this the best ever 4th of July Blacksheep family event. Then came the fun, roman candles, kids of all ages and a couple foamies dodging the barrage of fireballs! Then we were able to view to large fireworks display and several brought their own fireworks. Here is a short video:

Another video by Joe Miller, pretty cool

Here is a video from new member Thomas Kahn. Shot from his Blade SR 120 as Parker pilots it around.

Click on any of the thumbnails below for a larger view, then click back on your browser to go back and view more pictures:

1 -3. As the rockets red glare, actually just a few roman candles and a couple crazy foamies. Shot 3 shows the only direct hit we are aware of.

4. Bill Clontz getting ready to lift off the heli pad.

5. Mark Tudor after another successful flight with his electric T-Rex.

6. Bill's electric T-Rex 550

7. Mark Tudor lauching his ED Mig 15. I think he was chasing Weir's EDF F-4.

8. Rege Hall taxiing out his new 42% Extra 300, powered by a DA 150, flew well.

9. Extra 300 in ke flight.

10. Parker Hall with new Rave 90.

11. Drew McBain with his new Venus II, powered by an OS 90 two stroke.

12. Dave Miller's extremely bright flat Raven.

13. Tony Bowling's Great Planes Pete & Poke.

14. Dave catching his Raven.

15. Dave Miller's very nice Aeromaster 2 in flight, notice the added silk scarf.

16. Dave making a nice landing.

17. Steve Greer heading out with an electric Mustang.

18. Steve and P-51 on a fly by.

19. Ray Courtney's Rifle be launched by Ralph McBee.

20. Ralph getting a flight on his Magnum 50, very fast. Scott Sorenson making the toss.

21. Parker Hall's new flat F-35, really tumbles.

22. Rege Hall's old Hangar 9 Extra 300S, still flies great.

23. Brian McPheron's Great Planes U-Can-Do, unusual to see one with the gear all in tact.

24. Jonathon Rifkin's Sig Fazer hanging around.

25. Don Presdorf's Great Planes Revolver, looks good in flight.

26. Scott Sorenson's 100" wing span Raven, powered by a DLE 111.

27. Scott's Raven showing the massive power available.

28. The four musketeers: Brian McPheron, Jonathan Rifkin, Drew McBain and Don Presdorf.

29. Justin Hartsock's trainer on a fly by.

30. Justin bringing his trainer back after one of many good flights.

31. John Louden launching his, as bright as Dave's, Raven.

32. Jay Thomas setting up for another of many flights with his electric Park Zone PT-19.

33. John's Raven in flight.

34. Drew McBain's Venus II on a landing.

35. Al Hill's Dawg House RC Yak 55.

36. Al's Yak on an inverted pass.

37. Ray Courtney with his Seabee.

38. John Lawyer with his DA50 powered Great Planes Extra 330SX.

39. Ray Courtney taxiing out his Extra 330L.

40. Jay Thomas's electric PT-19 taxiing out.

41. Jay's PT-19in flight.

42. Ray's Extra 330L in flight, flies really nice.

43. John Louden's Great Planes Pitts Special, powered by a Turnigy 50.

44. Look at those smoke rings! Cool!

45. John on a late evening pass.

46. Al Hill's hybrid Edge 540 from OMP.

47. John Lawyer's EDF Nitro Models A-10 Warthog.

48. Dr. Rick Arrowood with his low flying Sr. Kadet.

49. Joe Miller's rocket just firing.

50. The rocket under shoot in the late evening sky.

51. Matt Shelton doing a little hover practice with his flat Yak 55.