The photos here are from 2019 Thunder Over Michigan annual airshow at famous Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, MI. It was at this airport Ford Motor Company built B-24 bombers for the US WWII war effort. The airshow is to benefit the Yankee Air Museum.

The airshow flying opened with a flight of T6 Texan 2 multi branch trainers performing formation flying maneuvers. They were followed by P-51 Mustang Quick Silver and a Corsair making several very close formation passes. The airshow them this year was Corsair Crazy. There was 11 F4U Corsairs at the event. This is the most Corsairs at one time in one place since the Korea War. And to make it even more special, all 11 flew to close the show each day. They started all together at the same time; taxied to the taxi way and all 11 unfolded their wings at the same time. The after engine run-up's they departed the runway and flew a racetrack pattern for over 15 minutes, quite a site.

The airshow also featured 8 P-51 Mustangs flying together and the P-51 Mustang Quick Silver flew a very impressive sole demonstration.

Mike Goulian flew a really impressive aerobatic demo I his Extra 330SC. Tumbles like a r/c airplane were awesome and many! Watch some of his flights o You Tube.

Other flying demos included the West Coast US Air Force F-16 Viper team demonstration. The F-16 is still a very capable a fighter jet. An A10 flew in for a short demo as well as a couple F-15 Eagles. The Yankee Air Museum's B17, B25, C-47 and new Waco made several parade passes. A Canadian C130J made several passes including a high performance take off. They also staged a WWII battle recreation featuring personnel, American and Gera forces with various vehicles of the era. There were all kinds of post WWII planes on display.

Click on any of the thumb nails below for a larger view. Also, working on getting some video footage posted: