Sep09FF Welcome to details and pictures from Saturday September 12th's Fun Fly.
Saturday September 12th started out with a bunch of guys showing up for donuts and highway clean up. It was great weather and we had 24 members help out. We had guys walking and picking up trash, Jim Huddleston drove and shuttled guys around and had several work at the field. We were done by 10:15 am. We headed to the field for some open flying and a hot dog lunch.

The first event we flew was called the Citywide. In this warm up event for the upcoming City Wide, scheduled October 3, each pilot took off and performed a bomp drop, stick break, limbo pass and a spot landing in that order. For the bomb drop and spot landing there was a set of scoring circles in the center of the runway. Ranging from the center circle which was 50 points, a 25 point cirle, a 15 point circle and a 10 point circle. Anything on the cut portion of the runway was 5 points. The stick break was set at runways center and the limbo poles were at the edge of the runway set at 4 feet. Scoring was as follows:

Bomb Drop - Points scored where ever the washer lands

Stick Break - 50 points for break on first pass and 25 points for break on second pass

Limbo - 50 points for first pass success and 25 points for a second pass success

Spot landing - Where ever the main tires touch first in the scoring circles

Bonus - A 10 point bonus was awarded for a spot landing that did not kill the engine

As always, this was an exciting event, only a washer stuck to the tail of the Hawk he was flying on Rege Hall's run kept him from having a perfect score. Many had troubles with the stick break. Joe Kosiba was watching the stick and not the airplane and missed his own spectacular wild tumble across the runway with his Sonic. I have seen pilots watch the bomb and loose their airplane, but this is the first time I have seen this on the stick break. The most difficult part of the event was the bomb drop. The varying winds and a little cross proved tricky for finding a scoring place for the washer to land. Joe Hartsock couldn't shake the washer off until a meeting with terra firma with his Astro Hog. All in all, everyone did well, and this is considering several pilots have never done some of the events and the wind was cross wind and varying. Click here For the event scoring details.

The second event was Black Jack. In this event the pilot rolled a dice, took off, performed called manuevers and landed back into the circle and then rolled the dice until they rolled the same number they rolled to start the event. If thepilot rolled a 1, 2 or 3, he had to fly 3 rolls. If he rolled a 4, 5 or 6, he had to perform 2 loops and land. Time started when the plane rolled out of the circle and stopped when the plane was back in the circle and the original number was rolled again. This event seen some exciting flying, Scott Sorenson rolled his OMP Yak 54 so fast and then was fortunate enough to roll a 1 on the second or third try. This event tragically saw the end of Ray Courtney's Fun Mustang. Landing was as Bob Uecker puts it, just a bit outside! Lots of fun. Click here For a scoring details of the Black Jack event.

Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view, then after viewing click back on your browser.

1. Parker Hall spot landing with his Purdue scheme Hawk 60. Parker finished second in this event.

2. Matt Shelton just breaking the stick, stick and cup are flying!

3. Dillon McBee on his first limbo pass. He was not the only one who took down a pole. He was successful on his second attempt.

4. Scott Sorenson ever so close to the stick with his OMP Yak 54.

5. Al Hill making a successful limbo pass.

6. Dillon's successful limbo pass as Al helps carry the remains of Joe Hartsock's Astro Hog back.

7. Ray Courtney on a succesful limbo pass with his Fun Mustang.

8. John Louden flying a relatively new Sig profile Ultimate on the Limbo.

9. Don Schmedake attempting the stick break with a new fun fly plane.

10. Joe Kosiba getting his Sonic ready for his Citywide event try.

11. Parker Hall just dropping the washer from his Hawk 60 for the bomp drop.

12. Ralph McBee very close on his stick break attempt with the old #24 Kaos.

13. Blake McBee successful on his second limbo attempt.

14. Tom Carlyle's Stick It fun fly plane going for the stick.

Everyone had a great time flying these events and are looking forward to the October event.