2020 Warbird
Saturday October 17th we hosted our 13th annual Warbird Fly In. The weather started out cool, in the upper 30's at sun up and stayed really nice till about noon. We had 34 pilots for the day and over 100 rc planes in all different sizes and makes. Lots of quality planes and flying, good lunch and good drawings. We want to give a special thank you to Sullivan RC Products for all the Sullivan items for the pilots raffle and Scott Black, Warren Estep, Rege Hall, John Killinger, John Louden and Faron Trosper for planes and other goodies donated for the drawings. When you are looking for smoke pumps, fuel tanks and various, think Sullivan RC Products.
The pilots drawing winners:

Jeff Thomas - E-Flite twin 70mm EDF A-10

Ron Pound - composite T-28

Ryan Gilmore - Micro PT17

Every registered pilot - Sullivan products or hat or tee shirt or Admiral AS3X receiver.

Open drawings winners:

Jeff Thomas - Strega

Spitfire - Jon Killinger

E-Flite 2.1 M Carbon Cub - Tom E. Hatfield

Sullivan High Torque starter - Jon Dieringer

Each year we have several awards for the aircraft in attendance and flown. This year we had 4 awards and many others that could have easliy be chosen:

Directors Choice: Tim Schurick - 48% Fokker DVII

Pilots Choice: Greg Hahn - giant scale C47 w/parachuters

Peoples Choice: Ryan Jones - 1/3.7 PC-21 turboprop

Best Electric: Mica Woodward - Twin Otter

East pit area (photo by Scott Black).

Scott Black's nitro powered T-34 (photo by Scott Black).

Drawing prizes (photo by Scott Black).

Pilot drawing table, every pilot recevied a gift (photo by Scott Black).

Parker Hall's 6s electric Spitfire by Free Wing (photo by Scott Black)

East pit area (photo by Scott Black).

Parker Hall's 90mm EDF F-16 Thunderbird (photo by Scott Black).

Kyle Bushman's Top Flite P-51 Mustang, powered by a DLE 55 with Keleo scale exhaust (photo by Scott Black).

Jeff Thomas's very fast T-45 EDF (photo by Scott Black).

Jeff Thomas's Free Wing 90mm EDF F-18 Hornet (photo by Scott Black).

The event officially kicked off at 10 am with our flag raising and National Anthem, Greg Stanfill and Bryan Baumer raising our American flag.

The runway ready for our event, center line gave everyone a target to shoot for!

Jon Dieringer's newly completed Hempel L-4 powered by a DLE 35.

Kyle Bushman's Top Flite P-51 Mustang, DLE 55 power with Keleo exhaust.

Flight line shots.

Mitchell Cherry with DLE 35cc powered ESM F-4U Corsair, impressive flyer, KE low and fast!

Jeff Thomas and Chris Culp with Jeff's Freewing 90mm EDF F-18 Hornet.

Chris Watts taking the runway with his E-Flite PT-19.

Greg Hahn's very nice large C-47, nothing like the sound of a recip twin. Greg dropped 5 parachuters all landing on the runway

Round Pound's Balsa USA Fokker DR1 triplane, flies well and looks good in flight.

Bryan Baumer and John Killinger with their E-Flite 1.5M P-51 Mustangs.

Ryan Jones' JMB 1/3.7 PC-21, powered by a King Tech 45 turboprop.

Warren Estep's H9 ME-109 elecrtified.

John Killinger's 90mm EDF Freewing Venom.

Tim Schurick's 48% Fokker DVII powered by a 170cc twin. All I can say is wow! Quite impressive build nd flyer.

Jeff Thomas with E-Flite T-6 Texan, very fast.

John Lawyer's Phoenix A-26 twin, another very nice sounding recip twin.

Parker Hall flying his E-Flite 70mm Viper Jet via FPV.

Chuck Luecht's Sopwith Pup.

Mica Woodward's Twin Otter and C182.

Ron Pound's Balsa USA Fokker DVII.

Warren Estep's E-Flite F-15.

Big, bigger, biggest!

Warren Estep's EDF fleet, Freewing L-39, F-Flite SU35 nd Freewing F-22.

Warren's F-22 taking to the air.

Parker Hall's Freewing 90mm F-16.

Scott Black with nitro powered T-34.

Mica Woodward with Best Electric winner Twin otter, Mica modified the props to get a turboprop sound.

Parker Hall's 73" Freewing Spitfire, a tricky plane to land in crosswind.

Rege Hall's Freewing 80mm Mirage, small, fast and rolls so fast you can't count them.

John Louden's Top Flite P-51 Mustang and Kyle Bushman's

Tom E. Hatfield E-Flite 2.1M Carbon Cub.

Jeff Thomas, Strega winner.

Jon Dieringer with Sullivan RC Products high torque starter, courtesy of Sullinvan RC Products.

Club members looking over the Pilots drawing items.

Be sure to watch for our website for next years 14th annaul Blacksheep RC Modelers Warbird event.