2020 Warbird

NEW DATE for our 2020 13th Annual Warbird Fly In - Saturday October 17th

Click herefor event flyer.

Since our original date was postponed, we have started a virtual 2020 Warbird Fly In page to showcase members warbirds. Most of these warbirds were out the first weekend in July. As more members send photos or I get them when I am at the field, they will be added.

Video of Joe Miller's B-36 maiden flight.

Warren Estep's Motion RC L-39 90mm EDF.

John Laywer looking over A-26 with new Tower Hobby .75 engines installed

Mika Woodward's tribute to Memorial Day 2020 with his Twin Otter.

Ryan Jones' HSD T-33, powered by a Jetsmunt 80 turbine. Turbine and EDF planes available from Ryan at https://nova-jets.com/

Joe Miller launching his E-Flite 64mm EDF F-16.

Mitchell Cherry flying some non Ugly Stick manuevers. His DA70 twin is amazing running motor and really moves this re purposed Ugly Stick.

Warren Estep's E-Flite Sukhoi SU-31 twin 70mm EDF jet.

Ryan Jones made the maiden flight on his Toprc Model Zero over the weekend. Powered by a Saito FG90 radial enigne, sounds great!

Ryan Jones' beautiful HSD T-33 turbine.

Rege Hall's Top Flight F-4u Corsair, powered by a DLE 55 with 3 blade adjustable prop.

Ryan Jones' electric PC-21.

Joe Miller's Flite Test Corsair, flies very well.

Rege's Corsair in flight.

Parker Hall flying his 70mm EDF E-Flite Viper Jet.

Ryan Jones' twin 80mm Free Wing A-10 Warthog in Indiana National Guard colors.

Dan and Jack Bush flying E-Flite T-28.

Warren Estep's 90mm EDF Free Wing F-22.

Ryan Jones' turbine powered Eco Viper.

Rege Hall's Toprc Model Odyessey jet in Navy trainer colors, Swiwin 160 power.

Rege Hall's Toprc Model Gunfighter P-51 Mustang, DEL 55RA power.

Rege Hall's E-Flite 70 mm F-16.

A couple shots of Bryan Baumer's H9 Hellcat, DLe 20cc power.

Rege's Corsair on final appraock to runway 30, Corsair Field.

Warren's F-22 up and away.

Joe Miller's scratch built B-36, 6 turning, 4 burning, check out the video above.

Parker Hall's Flite Line Spitfire, 6S power.

Warren Estep's 90mm Motion RC Venum, best flying EDF out there

Warren Estep's Motion RC L-39 90mm EDF.

Kyle Bushman with Turbinator, powered by a King Tech 100.

Rege Hall's E-Flite 1.5 M P-51 Mustang.

Kyle Bushman flying his 60cc Top Flite P-47.

John Laywer looking over A-26 with new Tower Hobby .75 engines installed

Bryan Baumer's E-Flite 1.5 M P-51 Mustang, did a great job of replicating the WWII paint scheme.

Scott Martin with his E-Flite 1.1M P-51 Mustang.

Rege Hall's 1.5 M P-51 Mustang.

John Louden with E-Flite 70mm Viper Jet.

John Killinger with Scorpion 90mm EDF.

Mica Woodward making a pass with his Twin Otter