2007 Spring Fun Fly & Swap Shop Saturday, May 19, 2007. A great day to swap, eat, fly and support the Hendricks County Food Pantry at the Danville United Methodist Church. The swap shop was mainly in the morning with a very nice turn out. I think if you were looking for top dollar, you may have been out of luck. Although it ended up that a lot of items found new homes for bargains.

Then came the cook out, we had the usual burgers and dogs and chips. John even sprung for some sweets. We had over 60 people enjoying the cookout and great company.

Then came the fun fly events, we flew three events. Despite the heavy wind conditions, we had a good time and lots of participants. The event results and some photos are posted below:

Loops - Each pilot had sixty seconds form take off to perform as many loops as he could. With the heavy wind and cross wind at that, it was tougher to get a lot of loops than one would think.

1. Rege Hall - 22

2. Tim Landon - 18

3. Weir Thurman - 17

4. Parker Hall - 16

5. Allen Hill - 15

6. Don Schmedake - 15

7. Joe Kosiba - 14

8. John Louden - 14

9. Blake McBee - 14

10. Dan McVey - 13

11. Kenny Syster - 12 1/2

12. Joe Hartsock - 11.5

13. Ralph McBee - 11

14. Deene Vanmeter - 11

15. Dillon McBee - 10

Blacksheep Crapshoot Special - Each pilot rolled a dice and then took off, performed a loop, roll and one turn spin in that order. Then landed and taxied plane thier back in to circle and rolled the dice until they rolled the same number they rolled prior to take off. There were few lucky ones that finally got thier number by default, that is, rolling 12 times without ever seeing thier number.

1. Parker Hall - :31

2. Allen Hill - :36

3. Tim Landon - :36

4. Blake McBee - :39

5. John Louden - :41

6. Don Schmedake - :48

7. Ralph McBee - 1:00

8. Weir Thurman - 1:01

9. Joe Kosiba - 1:07

10. Dan McVey - 1:07

11. Joe Hartsock - 1:31

Pony Express - There were three teams of 4 each. The pilots were drawn at random and time started when the judge handed the mail to the team and ended when the last plane was in the circle and the judge had the mail. Fun as always, this event hads lots of strange things happening, we could have used sun dials to time the event, but we used stop watches for that pin point acuracy!.

1. Dillon McBee, Dan McVey, Allen Hill and Joe Hartsock - 2:55

2. Parker Hall, Blake McBee, Ralph McBee and John Louden - 3:21

3. Don Schmedake, Tim Landon, Weir Thurman and Joe Kosiba - 3:44

The lucky raffle winners:

Great Planes Dazzler - Tony Bowlin

Gallon of fuel - Allen Hill

Glue - Ed Brazzel

Glue - Faron Trosper

$10 Hobby Town gift card - Weir Thurman

Pictures from a wild Pony Express (it is a western event)! Click on photo for a larger view.

Top row left to right:

1. Allen Hill taking off with the mail on his Tribute .36

2. Joe Hartsock preparing to take off with mail in tow

3. Dan McVey changing mail from Joe's palne to Allen's

4. Dillon McBee off with the mail on the family Hawk. He did another fine job of steady and smooth

5. Dan McVey getting ready

6. Don Schmedake bringing home the mail, looks to me like everyone is running and ducking, but I could be mistaken!

Bottom row left to right:

1. Joe Kosiba with Twist and Tim Landons help

2. Parker Hall delivering the mail to the judge to stop the teams time

3. A crowd re-starting John Louden's Hawk for his turn at toting the mail around the pylons

4. Blake McBee blasting off with the family Hawk

5. Ralph McBee flying and keeping an eye on the upwind pylon as Parker Hall with Twist getting ready

6. The team of Parker Hall, Ralph McBee, Blake McBee and John Louden getting ready.