2006 August Fun Fly Wow! What a great day it turned out to be. We had 30 members show up and most flew in the events. After the cook out, we flew three events, held a raffle for a Sport Stick 40, and had a pilots drawing.
The first event was the Blacksheep Mission. Each pilot took off from the designated circle, flew a pattern and had to fly a stick break, fly the limbo poles, perform a loop, roll and spin, then land and taxi around the limbo poles and finally, taxi back to the east circle for the time to stop. Exciting event, and man, did the limbo poles take a beating. No bad crashes, Dan did however make his little profile Gee Bee a little shorter. See pictures below:


1) Rege Hall - 59:56

2) Dan McVey - 1:32:17 (second plane)

3) Luke Louden - 1:32:39 (second attempt)

4) Parker Hall - 1:40:40

5) Bill England - 1:59:45

Interesting enough, only 4 out of 20 hit the stick the first time! Something to practice on.

The second flying event was Deadstick Loops. Each pilot had twenty seconds time to climb, then had to kill the engine and perform as many loops as possible before having to land. If they rolled into the circle on landing, they got a bonus loop. This event turned out to be much more difficult than most would think.

1) Rege Hall - 8 loops

2) Parker Hall - 6 loops (rec. bonus)

3) Don Schmedake - 4 loops (rec. bonus)

4) Blake McBee - 3 loops

The third flying event was a crowd favorite, the Pony Express. Pilots were drawn at random for three man teams. The time started when the first team member rolled out of the circle. Each pilot had to fly around a set of pylons, one at each end of the field, and then land and change the mail to the next pilot. The time stopped when the third pilot had his plane back in the box and handed the mail to the judge. Thanks to Jerry Baldasso, Tom Trout and Jim Huddleston for acting as the brave flaggers (pylons, that is). Also of note, this was the first fun fly event 8 year old Dillon McBee has ever flown in. He did very well, good take off and nice circuit of the field and landing right down the middle of the runway, even though Deene snatched it out of the air. Easy mail transfer. Everyone had a lot of fun with this event as well as a good event for the fans in the stands.

1) Parker Hall, Rege Hall & Blake McBee - 1:27:19

2) Tim Landon, Don Schmedake & Loren Wilbu - 1:59:59

3) Dillon McBee, Ralph McBee & Deene Vanmeter - 2:06:25

4) Joe Hartsock, Allan Hill & Dan McVey - 2:24:86

Click on the photos below to see a larger view.

Top row left to right:

- Allan Hill taxiing his Somethin Extra to the east circle to stop the time.

- Tim Landon just about to break the stick on his second pass.

- Joe Hartsock just missing the stick and heading for another circle.

- Blake McBee with family Hawk going for the stick.

- Dan McVey's profile Gee Bee in an unusual attitude between the limbo poles. Had to switch planes for his second try.

- Ralph McBee with family Hawk on his stick break attempt.

Bottom Row left to right:

- Tom Trout with Twist smacking th limbo pole. Incidentally, plane kept right on going.

- Loren Wilbur zeroing in on the stick with a Stick.

- Deene Vanmeter making it between the limbo poles.

- Don Schmedake making his pass through the limbo poles.

- Tom Carlyl brought out his new Lanceair, nice plane. I think, Nitro Models.

- Parker Hall hovering Raptor 90 after the fun flying. Yes, it got lower and it was a good show.

- Rege Hall just breaking the stick on first pass, already turning to circle for limbo pass.