Our 2021 NMAD (National Model Aviation Day) R/C airshow to benefit HVAF (Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation) was held 14-Aug-21. What a Chamber of Commerce day we had this year. We raised over $5,500 for HVAF. A very special thanks goes to Indy Bipes who honored our opening ceremony with a fly over consisting of 4 biplanes; a Christen Eagle, 2 Acro Sports and a Stearman. They made a second pass performing the missing man formation with smoke on. As three of the biplanes shut off their smoke, the Stearman remained smoke on as he pulled up and away from the formation honoring our fallen members of the past couple years. Today's event was dedicated to those members who have left us; Henry Devenney, Tom L. Hatfield, Jim Huddleston and Don Trosper.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this event a great success, for fear of missing someone I am not listing individuals, THANK YOU, to all who helped, and you know who you are. A listing of sponsors and contributors to our event can be viewed below. Be sure to support those who support us.

The event started with the National Anthem and raising of the American flag by 4 of our members who served our country, followed by a special surprise. The surprise was a fly over including a missing man formation by the Indy Bipe group in honor of our fallen members and all our veterans. Then the r/c flying commenced, with such nice weather flying was from around 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening with a plane, or planes, in the air at all times. We had lots of raffle prizes which included kits donated by Henry Devenney estate, Faron Tropser and Tom E. Hatfield and a radio from Paul Wycoff. All throughout the day we had raffles for items donated by Danville, Avon, Plainfield and Brownsburg merchants.

We had 118 fixed wing planes, 4 helicopters and 10 quad copters on display with many flying during the day. Spectators experienced flights of everything from small foam airplanes to helicopters, jets with electric ducted fans, jets with real gas turbine jet engines, various warbird models, various sport planes to a 10 1/2 foot wing span aerobatic plane powered by a 170cc twin cylinder engine.

One of the many highlights of the day were all the younger kids (maybe future r/c pilots) really enjoying the candy drops, parachute drops and balsa wood gliders. Every youth that wanted to chase a parachute down got to take it home with them. We had over 300 visitors and spectators and we served over 165 BBQ lunches. Every member, reach out with your right hand and pat your shoulder for a fantastic event!

Bill Clontz Heating & Cooling,Parker & Ashley HallRege & Jaymee HallRalph McBeeStitched Designs
Steve Wissen Hobby Town USA, IndyTechcom, Pat and Ilene AdamsHall AviationGreen Cycle McCarty, Danville
Andy Mohr ChevroletAndy Mohr FordAndy Mohr KIAAndy Mohr NissanTom & Kathy Carlyle
Ryan Jones - Nova JetsAndy Mohr ToyotaAndy Mohr VolkswaganHare HondaAuto Zone
Advanced AutoCrew Car WashJiffy LubeLowesMcCammons Irish Market
Applebee'sBJ's BrewhouseCheddarsOn The BorderLonghorn Steakhouse
Red LobsterFaron TrosperDon SchmedakeSteve GreerDavid & Vicki Miller
Warren EstepPaul WycoffHenry Devenney estateTom E. HatfieldBryan Baumer

Click on the photos below for a larger view:

Members who served our country performed the flag raising, Tom Elson, Harold Etling, Dave Miller and Greg Stanfill.

Please plan to join us again next year, stayed tuned for date, probably second Saturday in August.

You Tube direct link: https://youtu.be/KNcUqpq2eVQ