. 2018 Avon Spring Fling

2018 Avon Spring Fling

n The 2018 Spring Fling was a huge success! We started much earlier than the 11 am posted start due to the outstanding conditions. Lot's of club members and several non club guests enjoyed the unusually smooth water on the Avon Park lake. Sunshine bright skies early, then high overcast, then sun, then high overcast and no more than 3 -4 mph wind all day. Planes ranged from small UMX aircraft to a 85" Carbon Cub and every size in between. The Apprentice and Timber were the most numerous airframes represented. Many scale and semi-scale models, including various Cub versions, Turbo Beaver, Seawind, Maule M-7, Ikon, Turbo Duster and Grumman Sea Duck took to the skies. Many thanks to Scott Black for organizig this event.

A really nice day for float flying!

Bryan Baumer's Timber taxiing in.

Chris Atwood with Turbo Beaver, certainly in the stellar performer crowd, Chris made it look full scale in the air.

Mika Woodard's Ikon.

Mark Tudor's UMX Icon.

John Louden's Extreme Flight Turbo Duster, a stellar performer.

Jonathan Rifkin's E-Flight Maule M-7, another stellar performer.

Busy taxi way.

Our mascot, a redwing black bird kept an eye on us all day.

Don Schmedake with his Pilatus Porter, also from Hobby King.

John Lawyer's HK Skipper.

Brian Martin brought several planes, including this UMC Cub Crafters Cub.

Brian Martin acting as a plane recover specialist on the sandbar.

Don Schmedake's small airboat, a Hobby King item.

Joe Miller with his Apprentice.

Rege Hall with his Openwheel33.com Timber.

Warren Estep, Joe Miller and Jay Clark, what a trio!

John Louden taxing his Phoenix Wilga 2000.

An original live amphibian flyer.

A Carbon Cub and Mule share the taxi area.

Scott Black's 85" Carbon Cub, largest plane at the event, flies great.

Don Schmedake's Mule, has reversing props. Unfortunately he found a tree, fortunately he was able to back it out with minor airframe damage.

Ben Halsey with his Flight Test Sea Duck twin, even has counter rotating props, flies well.

Don Schmedake's Tundra, also has reversing props.

Parker Hall preparing his Timber.

It is a family affair, Jon Derienger and family enjoying watching Jon fly.

Jay Clark with his Apprentice 15E.

Steve Woods Seawind looking for air.

A compilation of the days flying at Avon Parks Spring Fling 2018.

Parker Hall Logo 500 rc helicopter demo over the lake at Avon Parks Spring Fling 2018.

Parker Hall Logo FPV flight with Blade Theory at Avon Parks Spring Fling 2018.