2011 Fall Fun Fly What a great day for an event! We had over 50 people enjoy the cookout, including several guests for the Plainfield club, the Screaming Eagles. The morning started out with frost on the runway, but the sun shine brought mild temperatures in the mid 60's by the afternoon. We were able to do a lot of open flying and fly 4 events. Results from the events are listed below. Everyone had a great time and we had several first time fun fliers participate today. Special thanks to all the Blacksheep who helped out today. Specially Tom Carlyle for judging the events and Tom and Jay Thomas for manning the grill. A few planes needed some repairs after the events, but none too awfully bad. We also had a large number of spectators enjoying all the flying. One last special thanks goes to Beth Russell and Jaymee Hall for cleaning up the mess afer the cookout.

First event was Roops a Lot, an individual event. Each pilot had one minute from takeoff to perform as many loop - roll - loop - roll's as possible. 2 points for each roll and 1 point for each roll. The electrics seemed to have an edge, we'll fix that next time!

1. Dillon McBee, electric - 47 pts

2. Ray Courtney, nitro - 42 pts

3. Don Curry, electric - 33 pts

4. Blake McBee, nitro - 32 pts

5. Jay Thomas, electric - 30 pts

6. Steve Greer, electric - 27 pts

6. Joe Kosiba - 27 pts

8. Don Schmedake, nitro - 24 pts

9. Matt Shelton, nitro - 24 pts

10. Weir Thurman, electric - 21 pts

11. Dave Miller, nitro - 20 pts

12. Joe Hartsock, nitro - 17 pts

12. Drew McBain, nitro - 17 pts.

The second event of the day was the Blacksheep Mission. This one was also an individual event that turned out to be tougher than expected. Each pilot placed his airplane in the small circle, then the judge started the time. The pilot had to go to his airplane and start it if nitro and plug in battery if electric. Then, take off and perform a loop and come around for a touch n go, then a roll followed by another go around and touch n go, then a circle and land and stop the airplane in the large circle for time to stop.

1. Ray Courtney, nitro - 1:12.96

2. Joe Kosiba, nitro - 1:25.99

3. Dillon McBee, electric - 1:28.80

4. Steve Greer, electric - 1:36.27

5. Weir Thurman, electric - 1:38.20

6. Blake McBee, nitro - 1:42.08

7. Jay Thomas, electric - 1:57.30

8. Joe Hartsock, nitro - 2:43.57

9. Bryan Baumer, nitro - DNF

9. Don Curry, electric - DNF

9. Drew McBain, nitro - DNF

9. Dave Miller, nitro - DNF

9. Don Schmedake, nitro - DNF

9. Matt Shelton, nitro - DNF

Our third event was a three man team event in which the teams were drawn at random. It was the Blacksheep Scramble event. Time started when the first team member's plane rolled out of the circle and ended when the last team member's plane was back in the circle and stopped. One team member performed 3 loops, one team member performed 3 rolls and the third team member performed 3 spins. It was up to each team to decide which member performed which maneuvers and whether to all fly at the same time or take off one by one or whatever. All teams took off together. First time I have seen all three team members land at the same time and all land in the circle, it was the first place team. Wild!

1. Ray Courtney, nitro / Rege Hall, nitro / Drew McBain, nitro - 25.13 seconds

2. Blake McBee, nitro / Dillon McBee, electric / Jay Thomas, electric - 32.25 seconds

3. Steve Greer, electric / Don Schmedake, nitro / Weir Thurman, electric - 44.59 seconds

4. Joe Kosiba, nitro / Dave Miller, nitro / Don Schmedake, nitro - 1:02.46

5. Dr. Rick Arrowood, nitro / Joe Hartsock, nitro / Ralph McBee, nitro - 1:10-53

Our fourth and last event of the day was the ever popular Pony Express. This was a three man event in which each member had to take off, carry the mail around the pylons land and change the mail. Time stopped when the mail was delivered back to the judge. Special thanks to Monty and Brendon Miller and Don Trosper for doing flagger duty. This event is always lots of fun and if you always want to learn something, it is the fact that you have to keep your engine running to get a good time.

1. Ray Courtney, nitro / Ralph McBee, nitro / Don Schmedake, nitro - 1:31.92

2. Don Curry, nitro / Dave Miller, nitro / Jay Thomas, electric - 1:55.48

3. Steve Greer, electric / Dillon McBee, electric / Weir Thurman, electric - 2:17.15

4. Dr. Rick Arrowood, nitro / Drew McBain, nitro / Blake McBee, nitro - 2:17.15

5. Rege Hall, nitro / Joe Hartsock, nitro / Joe Kosiba, nitro - 2:25.49

1. Drew McBain getting his hybrid Edge 540 ready. Drew did well in his first fun fly.

2. Dave Miller getting his Pulse ready as Monty Miller and Brendon Miller look on.

3. Joe Hartsock with his Top Flite Contender.

4. Blake McBee with the family Hawk 60, getting in a practice flight.

5. Don Curry with his Habu EDF jet.

6. Steve Greer launching his delta electric wing.

7. Bryan Baumer's Sportster turning to come around the pylon.

8. Jay Thomas got a little off the edge of the runway during the Mission event.

9. Bryan Baumer starting his Super Sportster as Dillon holds for the Mission event.

10. Matt Shelton starting his Super Stick for the Mission event.

11. Weir Thurman is either blessing his electric Stick or waiting for the receiver to bind up for the Mission event.

12. Joe Kosiba starting his Sonic for the Mission event, Joe proved tht steady and no mistakes places you well.

13. Dave Miller starting his Pulse for the Mission event. Dillon helped several restrain their aircraft while starting, safety is paramount.

14. Blake McBee firing up the Hawk for his run at the Mission event. A balky engine prevented Blake from placing in the money.

15. Don Curry starting his Kadet for the Mission event as son Adam holds it.

16. Joe Hartsock, Ralph McBee and Dr. Rick Arrowood doing the Blacksheep Scramble.

17. Rege Hall trying to re-fire his Hawk 60 as Joe Hartsock his bringing his Contender into the circle on the Pony Express.

18. Monty Miller and Brendon Miller flagging as Rege Hall's Hawk goes vertical for a turn around in the Pony Express.

19. Joe Hartsock's Contender coming in as Rege Hall is waiting to grab the mail and get it to the judge.

20. Drew McBain grabbing the mail from judge Tom Carlyle to start the time on their Pony Express.

21. Dr. Rick Arrowood's big orange Kadet hauling the mail.

22. Hard to tell, but that is Blake McBee getting the Kadet back to the circle to change the mail.

23. Drew McBain taking off with the mail as Dr. Rick Arrowood and Blake McBee look on.

24. Don Schmedake with his Ultrasport waiting for the mail to arrive for his go around the pylons.

25. Ralph McBee getting the mail on Ray Courtney's OMOP Edge 540 pro for the Pony Express.

26. Ray Courtney getting his plane out of Ralph McBee's Hawk 60 for Ralph's mail run.

27. Brendon Miller, one of our newest members, flying his flat Yak 55, he his doing well.

28. Scott Sorenson with his newly acquired Hempel Models Hyper Bipe.

29. Scott's Hyper Bipe taking off, powered by a 111cc DLE engine, has a very unique look in the air.

30. Weir Thurman bring his EDF F-4 Phantom back to the pits after a flight.

31. Joe Kosiba with his Sonic getting ready for the Pony Express as Rege Hall's Hawk 60 sets ready in the background.

32. Weir Thurman with his electric Stick on th eBlacksheep Scramble, Stve Greer's electric Stick is the other in picture.

33. Ralph McBee turning the corner on the south end pylon during the Pony Express.

34. Don Curry changing the mail form his electric Ultimate Bipe to Jay Thomas's electric Super Sportster.

35. Jay Thomas ready to haul the mail.

37. Shot of the pit area looking west early in the day.

38. Dave Miller and Brendon Miller launching foamies.

39. McBee family Hawk 60 ready to roll.

40. Dave Miller holding his Pulse getting ready as Tom Carlyle and Monty Miller look on.

41. Dillon McBee displaying his fun fly winning Super Sportster electric.

42. Don Schmedake with his Taz Special.

43. Matt Shelton with this Super Stick.

44. Joe Kosiba finishing the Mission event with his Phoenix Sonic.

45. Drew McBain coming back to the pits after the Mission event with his OMP hybrid Edge 540.

46. Joe Hartsock with his Contender with Dillon assisting.

47. Steve Greer with his electric Stick, Steve was a first timer that did well.

48. Another first timer, Don Curry going in the Mission as his son Adam assists.

49. Dillon bringing Weir Thurman's electric Stick back after the mission event.