Check back, we will add rc flying videos here periodically.
John Louden's Harlock Viper Jet 140, 90mm / 12S power, maiden flight at Muncie. Very nice!

Video shot by Parker Hall flying his Stratocruiser on 2018 New Years Day.

Video shot by Rege Hall on HK Skipper on 2018 New Years Day.

Video shot from John Louden's Extreme Flight Turbo Duster at the St. John's float fly.

Video highlights from 4th of July evening celebration.

Parker Hall flying his Logo 550 on a beautiful Memorial Day 2017.

Video from the 2017 Avon Spring Fling. Video shot from Rege Hall's E-flight Timber. Details and photos are on the Pictures web page.

Video of the week, another Saturday night in the gym. 4-Feb-17, big variety of aircraft making the circuit in the gym.

Video of the week, another Saturday night in the gym. Parker Hall, Dillon McBee and Ray Courtney racing micro Inductrix quads.

Saturday night in the gym, 7-Jan-17. What a wide variety of aircraft.

Parker Hall flying his E-Flight Convergence, performing some flips on 2017 New Years Day.

Rege Hall's Turbinator jet on third flight in the spring. Powered by a King Tech 120 turbine.

Dillon McBee flyig his Speedex 250, wild!

John Lawyer showing us a glider bungee launch.

Dave Miller flying his Top Flite Elder, dressed up as a Eindecker, flies great.

Dillon McBee flying his Motion RC Stinger 64mm EDF.

Parker Hall flying a demo pass around Parker ad Dillon's FPV course.

Parker Hall and Dillon McBee racing Speedix 250's around a FPV course at Blacksheep RC Modelers Corsair Field. Standing start, around the blue pylon, through the trees ad out the top, around the green pylon the behind the trees back to the blue pylon.

Warren Estep flying his Motion RC 80mm EDF F-86 Sabre jet, nice flying and cool sound.

Kyle and Steve Bushman flying their Carbon Z Cubs before the Labor Day cookout.

Jay Clark flying his Timber low and slow, doing a great job of flying.

John Louden's Extreme Flight Legacy Turbo Duster. Flying chacteristics are fatastic!

Kyle Bushman's Hangar 9 Beast, powered by a 3W106 USI engine.

Blacksheep at the fair, 22-July-16, courtesy of Parker Hall.

4th of July on the 10th at Corsair Field. Video courtesy of Parker Hall shot from his Chroma, a very unique view.

4th of July on the 10th at Corsair Field. Video by Rege Hall shot from his foam F-22 to watch the rockets red glare.

Ryan Jones' turbine powered HSB Super Viper flight on Sunday 10-July.

Ryan Jones' turbine powered HSB Super Viper maiden flight.

Rege Hall's H9 Sukhoi SU-26MM powered by a DLE 170 performing powerbatics.

Wild Bill's 96" Rare Bear on Sunday afternoon 13-Sep.

Rege Hall's Extreme Flight Extra 300 videoed by Parker Hall with his Speedix 250 quad. A really unique video.

Archived videos that have been posted on You Tube are listed below. To watch one, simply copy the code below at the end of each description and then open You Tube and paste the code in the search box.


-Dillon McBee flying his Vision 50 helicopter 16-Jul-11: 7t0GjFtCpyA

-Parker Hall flying his new Rave 90 nitro helicopter on some engine tuning flights: WCEe41q3sys

-Some night flying with the Blacksheep on 4-Jul-11: u4xczTjge7s

- Blake McBee flying his flat foam Sbach 342 through the rafters: zZHtzpNZ2hw

-Parker Hall flying his flat foam B-58 in the gym on 12-Feb-11: ICXMzREbrxY

-Ralph, Dillon and Parker having some foamie fun 18-Sep-10: YMiTF_ROeGU

-Parker Hall fling a Stratus at the 2010 Diabetes Fly In, great flight till the engine died in an inverted auto: KANAZL1tw24

-Parker Hall flying the pink panther Stratus on 6-Sep-10: JT856UDYFH8

-Rege Hall's 3DHS Extra 330SC flight on 5-Sep-10, lots of smoke and tumbling : MgtV-0zzoZ4

-Rege Hall flying his ZDZ 80 powered 100" Sukhoi SU-31: 6bS2qfNWm5c

-Blake and Parker doing a Flying Circus act: bfCA90qCOp8

-2010 4th of July F-22 pylon race #2: aKpLQF4sZ4U

-2010 4th of July F-22 pylon race #1: 8Eiba9zEI60

-Parker flying Pink Panther Stratus 10-Jun-10: ScUXX3qNfMI

-Ralph McBee flying his Blue Angels F-22 10-Jun-10: COgsBP_e0UU

-Rege Hall's F-22 on 10-Jun-10: ZM550Hp9BNg

-Blake, Dillon and Parker flying flat foamies 15-May-10: lMdJPVKG7lM

-John Louden's Great Planes Pitts Special, powered by Turnigy 50. 15-May-10: LXwEeQkjCCM

-Jonathan Rifkin's Mario Cart in the gym 17-Apr-10: WoL7aAqeoOc

-Rege Hall's 100" Raven powered by a 3W 75 gas engine on it's maiden flight: QMp1dUwp7vE

-Matt Shelton flying his Mcx in the obstacle course: U0TJ5KtnRnA

-Scott Sorenson flying a Fancy Foam Yak 55: g97dikKkIE4

-Rege Hall flying a Great Planes Pluma in the gym23-Jan-10: YkyS9FRLCjg

-Parker Hall's T-Rex 250 flight in the Vincennes gym Red Bull free style: JfSj3ZRif_0

-Parker Hall 4 minute XFC demo at the 2010 Warbird Fly In: rJuIpX2R_7A

-Blake McBee flying his T-Rex 250 indoors: LqFLe_Z0JRI

-John Louden's Big Hawk, power and Smoke, powered by a Turnigy 50: 6tI2-dypdXo

-Al Hill 's Christen Eagle, great save on an engine out landing: fJtwnn8c9xY

-Rege Hall's 42% Extra 260, powered by a DA 150: ftWNkmvCv1o

-Ray Courtney's Extra 330L: C98zZg8gSj0