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Previous editors pick of the week You Tube:

David Martin flying his Breitling 232 Cap at Oshkosh 2013.

Jacob Hollander flying the Viking, his Pitts Model 12S.

Editors weekly You Tube video pick this week is a video of the Presidential V-22 visiting Rolls-Royce downtown. It departed the heliport and circlied our building a couple times before heading to the plant.

This is a 1970's vidoe of the Blue Angels flying F-4J Phantoms.

Kirby Chambliss coming back to Texas for the Red Bull air race.

A video from Spain showing two 700 size electric helicopters picking up a lady. You gotta watch this one, shows you the power these big electrics can produce

Jim "Fang" Maroney who died Sunday 23-Mar-14 while flying his Super Chipmunk to a show in Florida.

This is an old video of Art Scholl and Skip Volk flying thier Pennzoil Super Chipmunks.

This is a shot of the Breitling Fighters (Corsair, P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk and a Spitfire) rolling out of formation and making a cool low pass down a canal.

This is a short video of restored P-51 Mustsang Twightlight Tear firing it's restored Browning 50 cals in 2013. Hard to tell, that banner is peppered with 1/2" diameter holes.

Check out his short video clip of Matt Chapman doing harrier rolls in his full scale Cap 580. Video by Eric Munuvar.

Skip Stewart in a highly modified Pitts Special named Promethius.

Check out this very cool video of 7 full scale Fokker DR1's flying.

Click here For a neat article from Fly RC magazine regarding the sizes of scale models.

- Wing loading formula

- Checking battery voltages

- gas/oil mixing ratio table

- cubic inches vs cubic centimeters table

- two stroke tuning instructions

- build an accurate windspeed meter

- epoxy mix pads

Click here For details regarding checking battery voltages, might save a plane.
Ever wonder how to figure wing loading? Here is the simple formula: aircraft weight (in ounces) x 144 divided by the wing area in square inches. This will tell you the wing loading of your model.
Mixing ratio chart for gas/oil mix fuel, print a copy for your flight box.

Click here for a printable copy.


Here is a reference chart for cubic inches vs cubic centimeters.

Click here for a printable copy.

.25 ci4 cc.32 ci5.2 cc
.40 ci6.5 cc.45 ci7.4 cc
.61 ci10 cc.75 cu12.3 cc
.91 ci14.9 cc1.20 ci19.8 cc
1.50 ci24.6 cc1.80 ci29.5 cc
2.0 ci32.3 cc2.14 ci35 cc
2.4 ci40 cc3.1 ci50 cc
3.8 ci62 cc6.1 ci100 cc

Click here For 2-stroke engine tuning instructions!
If you have a digital tachometer, dowel rod, 10x6 prop and a bearing, you can build a simple wind speed meter that works well. See the illustration below. To make calculations easier, you can print a list of RPM's vs wind speed.

A neat re-usable epoxy mixing pad is any plastic lid. Example, Pringles can lids are just about the right size. You can mix your epoxy without it running off the edge and when cured, simply flex and throw whats left away. And it is ready to use again.