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Event Calendar

Other events will be added as we become aware of them.
2020 Blacksheep RC Modelers Events:

June 26 - Field prep for Warbird Fly In

June 27 - Blacksheep 13th Annual Warbird Fly In. Click here for our 2020 Warbird flyer.

July 1 - Monthly club meeting, at the clubhouse, 7:30 pm.
August 5 - Monthly club meeting, at the clubhouse, 7:30 pm.

August 7 - Field prep for NMAD rc airshow

August 8 - Blacksheep NMAD rc airshow to support HVAF (Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation)

Directions - Take Hwy. 36 (Rockville Road) West 13 miles and just before entering Danville, turn left at the stop light like you are going to Kroger's, then take an immediate left on Twin Bridges Road (Shady Lane) and follow the road 3/4 mile. You will go past the Fire Station and wind around Twin Bridges recycling facility. The flying field is on the north side of the road just before the road curves to the south.
2020 area RC and aviation events:
June 11 thru 14 - Rosewood Flyers 2020 EDF Jet Jam

June 13 - Indy RC Modelers Cubs and Floaty type planes Fly in

July 11 - Indy RC Modelers Fly Anything RC Fly in

July 18 - JCRCF 14th Annual Boyd Helstrom Warbirds Fly-In.

July 24 thru 26 - AMA Fun Fly, come out to the International Aeromodelling Center, in Muncie, IN. Fly whatever you want to bring. This is an open flying event. Saturday evening at 5PM there will be an annual membership meeting with food available after the meeting.

August 15 - NMAD at AMA national flying site.

August 20 thru 22 - HOOSIER DAWN PATROL at AMA national flying site.

August 29 - Indy RC Modelers Toys for Tots Flyin

September 3 thru 5 - INDIANA WARBIRD CAMPAIGN at AMA national flying site.

September 12 - JCRCF'S HEARTNUT FLY-IN hosted by Johnson Couty RC flyers

October 3 - Indy RC All Electric Fun Fly