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Black Sheep Pictures

Blacksheep community project, our two miles of Hiway 36, mile marker 57 to 59.

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Saturday 14-May-22, a very nice day until a 1.5" downpour in an hour.

Parker Hall with Hawk 60E.

Brian Aimer flying his Bald Eagle.

Steve Hoy with his E-Flite Extra 300 4 cell power.

Rick Gilmre's Addiction, great plane on a calm day.

Kyle Bushman's 50cc Raven.

Rege Hall's Turbinator jet.

Greg Stanfill launching Harold Etling's Flite Test twin.

John Killinger's Boomerang R/C Sprint.

Blacksheep at 2022 NEFI (National Electric Fly In) at the International Aeromadleing Center in Muncie, Site 3. Tom Elam, Rick Gilmore, Rege Hall, John Louden and Bryan Paris enjoyed a nice day of flying at Muncie. Sunshine and nice teps, and cross winds as always!

Joe Miller's Flite Test F-18E Super Hornet, twin 70mm EDF's, fllies well.

John Lawyer lauching a glider on hi-start.

First 70 degree day, a bunch of members flying and one rolling the runway!


Winners: Kyle Bushman - UMX A-10, Tom Elam - E-Flite Maule, John Louden - UMX Citation, Joe Hartsock - Turbo Timber, Joe Miller - P-51 Mustang, Lutz Paschke - F-15 EDF, Harold Etling - Ultrix UMX, Bryan Paris - Robart Super stand, Roger Dohm - Robart Super stand, Warren Estep - Balsa USA glue caddy, Steve Bushman - CA glue, Jon Dieringer - Sky Bench Models hat, Greg Stanfill - CA glue,Rick Gilmore - CA glue, Don Schmedake - epoxy, Erik Munevar - epoxy, John Killinger - epoxy,Faron Trosper - CAF Bomber Command hat.

Greg Stanfill's Free Wing 80 EDF L-38, very nice! Ryan Jones' Futura, power 140 Swiwin.

John Killinger's 104" Extra 330 LX, powered by a DLE 130.

Harold Etling's Flite Scout test being launced by Warren.

Greg Stanfill's FW 70mm EDF in Blue Angels colors.

Joe Miller's FW 80 EDF F-86, very nice appearance in flight.

Joe Miller's Flite Test C-47.

This doesn't look right! Joe Miller's C-47 attempting to tow up the Waco glider.

A visitor from 36K feet, a military C-16.

Parker Hall's Hawk 60E, flourascent colors really pop in the sun.

Ryan Jones' 90mm EDF Mig 17, ready to roll.

Warren Estep's FW Avanti lining up.

Brian Aimer, Ralph, McBee and Parker Hall.

Rege Hall's Turbinator, great day for smokin'!

Rick Gilmore's QQ Extra, many flights on this , nice flyer.

John Louden flying his E-Flite 90mm Viprer Jet.

Looking at me, looking at him. I beleive one of Ralph McBee's camera quads.

Some photos from Labor Day weekend, not huge craowds, but lots of flying. The weather was nice temperature wise with gusty winds at times.

Jets Over Corsair Field Day, John Killinger's Turbinator 2, King Tech 85 power / Ryaan Jones' Mig 17, King Tech 45 power, Rege Hall's Turbinator, Swiwin 140 power / Ryan Jones' L-39, Swiwin 80 power, Kyle Bushman's Super Viper, King Tech 60 power / John Killinger's Boomerang Sprint, King Tech 120 power.

Ryan Jones' HSD F-86 EDF.

Harold Etling taking off his E-Flite Timber X.

Ryan Jones' L-39 executing a very smooth landing.

Ralph McBee launching his RMRC Strao Surfer for an FPV flight.

Parker Hall flying 70mm Viper Jet EDF, how low can you go?

Steve Hoy's E-Flite Drago.

Parker Hall and Dillon McBee launching thier GP mini Sportsters, then combatting, then collecting the aftermath.

Steve Hoy's 3D Hobby Shop Extra 330SC, smoke on!

Ryan Jones' KT 45 powered Mig 17.

Kyle Bushman's KT 60 powered Super Viper.

Warren Estep taxiing in his FW Avanti 80 EDF.

John Killinger's Turbinator 2.

Warren Estep's E-Flite 80" T-28 with sound board.

John Lawyer with GP Ultra Sport 60, nitro powered.

Steve Hoy's Scorpion 90mm EDF.

Ryan Jones' HSD 80" F-86 120mm EDF.

Steve Bushman assisitng Kyle with KT 100 powered Turbinator.

Ryan Jones Xicoy 45 TP powered Pilatus Porter.

Mica Woodward's Cessna.

Tom Elam's E-Flite Turbo Timber.

Warren Estep's 80 Swiwin powered Super Viper in T-45 livery.

Ryan Jones' KT 45 powered Mig 17.

Rick Gilmore flying his FW Avanti 80mm EDF. Jon Dieringer's Epilogue pattern plane on August meeting night, very impressive plane and flying.

Ron Pounds's Protender with a 4 stroke, nice flyer.

John Louden's Harlock Viper Jet, converted from 12S EDF to King Tech 45 turbine power. Maiden this evening, flew very nice.

Flight line at August meeting, a simply amazing night for flying.

Congratulations to Ryan Jones for being awarded Best Foam Jet at 2021 Jets Over Kentucky!

Ian Lawson's VQ Models F-82 Twin Mustang, powered by a pair of .52 electric motors.

July meeting night, really nice air, smooooth!

New member Tom Elam reliving his full scale aviation experience. He has re-registered his new E-Flite Cherokee as N7135R, that was his first solo, a 1966 PA28 140.

Memorial Days photos, nice crowd and good food for the day. Temperature and wind was mild with overcast most of the day.

Pit area shots on Memorial Day.

Jon Dieringer's Extreme Flight 60" Extra 300.

The FPV gang, Brian Aimer, Dillon McBee and Ralph McBee.

Stacked 4 high, 3 wings and a nitro T-34.

Raph McBee with FPV Recruit from Ready Made RC.

John Killinger's Boomerang RC Sprint, powered by a King Tech 120.

John Louden's Turbinator, powered by a King Tech 120.

Kyle Bushman, 104" EXF Laser 200 and Steve Bushman with 74" EXF Laser 200.

Kyle's 104" EXF Laser 200 powered by a DLE 120 twin.

Parker Hall flying Whiplash E 700mm helicopter creating a crop circle.

Kyle Bushman's 35% Laser 200, powered by a DLE 120.

Steve Greer's H9 Fokker DVII.

Rege Hall's Redwing RC Extra 330SC, powered by a DA 70 twin.


Very nice Sunday, 18-Apr-21

Lot's of planes and flying on a beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon.

Nice crowd at the field today, 21-Mar-21.

John Killinger's new PAU Extra 300SP, 106" wiong span,powered by a DLE 130.

Warren Estep with 60" E=Flight Extra.

Brian Aimer with powered glider, motor retracts in to fuse after climb out.

Joe Miller's Timber X.

Ryan Jones' FW Avanti, 800mm EDF.

Matthew Harris with retro WWI looking electrified plane.

John Laywer preparing his nitro powered 60 sized.

Kyle Bushman and Holly after a H9 Christen Eagle, 20cc DLE.

Ryan Jones with his 30cc electric VQ Models Pilatus Porter,sounds just like a full size PT-6.

Joe Miller's FW P-38, looks good in the air.

Ryan Jones' large turboprop PC-21, King Tech 45 turboprop, very impressive in flight.

John Lawyer's scratch built Fifty Caliber, powered by 2 nitro enignes, wonderful sound in flight.

Scott Martin's E-Flite P-51 Mustang, gear up for a mission.

Blacksheep RC Modelers at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. h, so many planes to see!

Ian Lawson with 1/3 scale Christen Eagle, did a good job of cleaning this old plane up.

Ralph McBee doing some quad FPV flying.

Warren Estep with his Hangar 9 Extra 300.

Harold Etling with Escapade.

Ian Lawson's E-Flite Viper Jet 700 mm EDF, a little faster after repair and a foam cup tighteded up the exhaust nozzle a little.

Greg Stanfill after a flight with his E-Flite Maule.

Jamie Brueche starting his 3D Hobby Extra 330SC

Rege Hall's QQ Extra 300 V2.

Greg Stanfill with re painted E-Flite 70mm EDF.

John Louden launching his Extreme Flight Outlaw E.

Warren Estep cleaning up his Timber, Warren, it's not nitro!

Steve Hoy and his Fox powered glider.

Steve Hoy and Rick Gilmore with QQ Extra 300G2

John Louden launching hsi Recruit.

Scott Martin with E-Flite P-47, looks good in the air.

Joe Hartsock's Scorpion, an early 1980's fun fly plane built from Model Aviation plans.

Rick Gilmore's Mamba 10EG2, first flight.

Harold Etling bundleing up for a flight.

John Killinger's with V1200, fast!

Ian Lawson with newly acquired Freewing 80mm EDF F-86 Sabre Jet.

John Louden flying E-Flite Maule, Parker Hall flying HK Skipper and Rege Hall flying E-Flite Clipped Wing Cub and a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Corsair Field. By the way, conditions were fantastic!

Parker Hall with Skipper

What a nice opportunity to get in a little snow flying. Floats are great for snow, specially any condition other than ice or really comppacted snow. And what looks beteer than a Cub on floats. Rege Hall's E-Flite Cub.

Joe Miller's scratch built F-89 Scorpion based on the aircraft his dad worked on in the Air Force. Looks to be about 50" wing span with tip tanks still to come. 90mm EDF on 6s LiPo.

Parker Halls' Ultrix on a windy January 1st.

Rege Hall's Skipper on January 1st.

Blacksheep Corsair Field on January 1st, very cold, frosty and wet.

Skipper ready for takeoff.

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