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n Blacksheep community project, our two miles of Hiway 36, mile marker 57 to 59.

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Today's annual January First Fly In of the Year flying was most likely the largest turnout we have seen in many years. Mild temps, around 40 degrees, and light winds prevailed. Although the 2" of rain on 31-Dec made the field a very wet mess, still more flights made than ever before on a 1st. Every member that flew today was a first for the New Year and sure to bring good fortune and flying the rest of the year. Tom E Hatfield was first flight at the field at the crack of dawn with a Timber UMX. Parker Hall flew a lighted Flex Innovations QQ300 at 12:01 am to bring in the New Year. Wild Bill's new MD530FF helicopter was very impressive, Parker handled the maiden flight. And, as always, there was lots of good food, good friends and conversation (hangar flying) to start the New Year. Let's make 2019 even better than 2018!

John Louden's new Harlock 90mm 12S Viper Jet at Muncie 26-Dec-18 for initial flight, went well. Picture does not due the color of this plane justice. Be sure to check out the video on our video page.
5-Dec-2018, Lot's of happy faces enjoying the evening of good food, good friends and a special visitor from AMA headquarters. Mandee Mikluski, AMA Foundation Director, joined us for the evening and presented Rege Hall with the very prestigious Carl Goldberg Award for 2018. We also put a lot of socks, gloves, hats and scarves under the DUMC Christmas tree to go to those that need assistance this time of the year. Oh yeah, and all the drawing prizes for participation during the year. 20 in all ad a raffle drawing for a 70mm EDF Viper Jet with the profits going to the church, which was kind enough to allow us to use the very nice venue for our December meeting.

Indoor fun on a Saturday night!

Blacksheep are everywhere. A late request from the Indiana State Museum, via Steve Wissen, to fly some r/c after Santa Claus (member Ron Thompson) was supported by several members. It was a little cool and windy, however, the crowds enjoyed our flying. Wonder how many kids want r/c planes for Christmas! And yes, there are bright green stains on Parker's heli blades.

Avon Parks hosted our 2018 Fall Float Fly, started out in the mid 30's, but rose all the way to 50 degrees by the time we packed up. Everyone who attended experienced nice water and light winds right down the middle.

30-Sep-18, a very nice day to fly r/c. What a variety of model aircraft at the field today. Everything from small UMX aircraft to may different EDF jets to several giant scale planes.

Mario and David Siddon's enjoying this wonderful hobby together.

Brian Aimer with his really fast Kunai powered glider.

Rege Hall's 100cc Pitts Model 12S Python.

Ryan Jones' new scheme 80mm Avanti EDF jet.

Harold Etling with his Timber.

Tom Elson getting his flying wing ready.

Ralph McBee with high powered electrified Sonic.

Steve Greer's E-Flight T-6 electric, looks like a full scale!

Jon "pattern champion" Dieringer preparing to fly his Avstar trainer.

Warren "EDF" Estep with a new 80 mm T-39.

Kyle Bushman's new Extreme Flight Laser 200, very nice plane, powered by a DLE 35RE.

Ryan and Warren discussing Extras.

Warren Estep's 105mm Avanti finally takes to the sky. Here is one for you, first photo, gear up or gear down? (photos by Brian Aimer)

Ryan Joes with his Roc Hobbies 70 mm Viper Jet.

Joe "nitro" Hartsock starting his nitro powered Sig 4 Star.

Parker Hall and Ralph emerging from the woods, chasing a quad or clearing a path?

Father, David, and son, Mario Siddons enjoying the hobby together. Mario flies a UMX Cub and Apprentice.

Jon Dieringer with his Flex Innovations Mamba biplane.

Kyle Bushman's Free Wig 90mm F-4 Phantom.

Parker Hall flying his Logo 500, great flight today!

Saturday September 1st, the Blacksheep joined AMA in hosting thier 2018 Warrior Day at the International Aeromodeling Site in Muncie. We hosted trainer flights for veterans and thier family as well as several of the members manned the rc flight simulator trailer positioned at the Indiana Warbird campaign site. Mandee and her AMA team did a great job again this year in plannig and setting up this event. Every one in attendance was treated to a potato bar for lunch and then a choice of several different rc activities!

Click for 2018 Oshkosh Airventure photos courtesy of Scott Black.

John Louden's Great Planes S2S Pitts Special, powered by a Turnigy 50. Very few planes are visually stunning in the air as a Pitts.

Dave Miller with his Fly Baby.

Brian Aimer launching his Swish powered glider, it features extreme power for climbs.

Rege Hall's H9 SU26MM, powered by a DLE 170.

Don Schmedake's Tracer 120 tailless sport plane, also has retracts.

Joe Miller launching his 1.1 meter Wildcat, a great flying plane.

Warren Estep landing his 80mm Avanti EDF.

John Killinger's FMS BAE Hawk on a flyby, again, a very nice flying EDF.

Dave Miller's Cessna 150 on climb out, looks like a scene from a full size airport.

Steve Greer getting his 30cc Revolver ready to go and the in the air, a very nice flying plane.

Bryan Buamer with his 50cc Yak 54, power is a DLE 55.

Even though it was 90 degrees and 30 mph winds, we made our annual appearance at the 2018 Hendricks Couty Fair. We had many spectators stop by to watch and ask questions. Nicholas Moon had a screen for spectators to watch several battle the high winds during FPV flights. John Louden was the first member to put a plane in the air, several others braved the wind also, and Parker Hall flew demos with his Logo 500 and Whiplash E 90 helicopters. Thanks to Tom Carlyle, Jon Dieriger, Rick Gilmore, Parker Hall, Rege Hall, John Lawyer, John Lawyer, Brian Martin, Nicholas Moon and Weir Thurman for thier dedicated support of the club at today's fair outing.

Parker Hall landig his FMS 90mm F-16.

Jay Clark lauchig his Optima.

Joe Miller's latest creation, a X-29.

Rege Hall's FMS F-4 Phantom ad Parker Hall's FMS F-16.

FMS F-16.

FMS F-4 Phantom.

Jay Clark with new E-Flight Stearman.

Rick Gilmore with his 3D Hobby Shop Edge 540.

Joe Hartsock's nitro Contender headed to the sky.

Rick Gilmore's PA Addiction.

Bryan Baumer's E-Flight P-51.

The week after the Warbird Fly In, lots of cool planes and great flying today, 8-July-2018.

Ryan Jones' impressive CARF J-10 turbine jet, powered by a Jetsmunt 200.

Ryan's foam Super Viper.

John Louden's Top Flight P-51 Mustang "Buzzin Cuzzin". Power is a DLE 55.

Warren Estep prepping his turbine Super Viper in T-45 colors. Maiden engine run for King Tech 60.

Bill Clotz's XXX 120 mm EDF, very, very smooth and fast.

Rege Hall's Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang, DLE 60 power. Dropping the wing tanks and a photo pass. (photos courtesy of John Louden)

Wild Bill's 120 cc size electric power Extra 300, fantastic sound from the prop and performance is truly Wild Bill!

Dave Miller's Top Flite Elder (Taube) taxiing in after a successful flight, scarf is blowing in the breeze.

Rege Hall's 50cc Extra 300SP, great day for smoking! (photos courtesy of Brian Aimer)

Our 2018 Memorial Day, Day before Memorial Day cookout is in the books. And a successful and very warm day it was. There was lots of flying, good friends and good food. Thanks to John Edwards for remembering to get a new flag. And thanks to the Hatfields for preparing the grounds.

Roger Dohm with his Apprentice 15E.

Bryan Baumer with his 50cc Yak 54, great day for smoke.

Jon Derienger with a unnamed canard aircraft, very strange appearance in flight.

Don Schmedake with his Free Wing F7 Tigercat.

Warren Estep with his E-Flite T-28 done up in Jolly Roger squadron colors.

Kyle Bushman's Hangar 9 Beast Pitts M-12 biplane, powered by a 3W 106.(photo by Bryan Baumer)

Tom E. Hatfield's OMP Extra 300. Dad, Tom L. looks on before takeoff. Looks great in the air.

Weir Thurman assisting Nicholas Moon.

Jon Derienger's Zipper.

Brian Martin's Hellcat.

Tom L. Hatfield flying and Tom L. Hatfield with future pilot Olivia looking on.

Brian Martin getting ready to fly his Convergence.

John Louden launching his Zipper, a fast Zipper it is.

Rege Hall's PAU Extra 300SP enjoying the sun.(photo by Tom Hatfield)

Steve Greer with his 30cc Stinson Gull Wing.

Tom E. Hatfield's profile Extra 260.

Kyle Bushman's 50 cc Raven.

Rege Hall's Flex Innovations Extra 300.(photo by Tom Hatfield)

Some photos from the field 20-May-18, nice day!

Joe Miller's Freewing B-24 maiden flight has been completed, ready for Warbird Day!

John Lawyer's B17, mission ready for the Warbird Fly In.

Rege Hall's UMX Viking biplane. (photo by Brian Aimer).

Ralph McBee launching his Recruit for a FPV flight.

Ryan Jones' Flex Innovations Mambo 10E.

John Lawyer launching a glider, what a technique.

Brian Aimer launching his powered glider, a Swish.

Kyle Bushman's 50cc Raven.

Jon Derienger's FMS Olympus FAI plane, very smooth.

Joe Hartsock starting his nitro powered Super Sportster.

John Louden's very powerful electric Turbo Duster.

John Loudnen's E-Flite Maule M7.

Bryan Baumer's Freewing F-4 Phantom II, a very impressive weathered finish by Bryan. It flew good, and fast.

May meeting night.

John Lawyer running the engines on his new Phoenix Models A-26, two glow engies runniig in sync sound great!

Dillon's Recruit inverted fly over.

Dillon launching his RMRC Recruit.

Ralph and Dillon McBee.

Saturday April 29th, our really first nice day to enjoy flying. A little cooler early in the afternoon and turned out very nice around 3 or 4.

Parker Hall preparing his Stratosurfer for a FPV flight.

Bryan Baumer looking over his 50cc Yak 54.

Joe Miller's Freewing 64 mm EDF F-105 Thud.

Don Schmedake's ROC Hobbies (really fast) P-39 Air Cobra.

Bryan Baumer's 70mm BAE Hawk just about not touch down.

John Killinger propping his 30cc MXSR.

John's MXSR.

Bryan Baumer's 50cc Ysk 54 with smoke on!

Rege Hall's 20+ year old Sukhoi SU-31 still smokin' in the beautiful blue sky.

Dave Miller and Don Schmedake looking at Don's Mule. Extremely short take off capable.

Steve Greer's new E-Flight T-6 Texan, very nice flying and fast!

Dave Miller's T-28 on a fly by.

Jay Clark with his Optima and Cirrus planes.

Brian Martin with his Phoenix Dolphin, powered by a 10cc gas engine.

Galo Deneira working on his Cirrus.

Sunday 18-Mar, one of the first nice days to enjoy rc flying. Blue skies, 52 degrees and light winds made for a nice afternoon.

John Louden's UMX Aerocommander, flies well and looks good in the air.

Chris Atwwod's Timber taking to the skies.

Don Schmedake's VQ Models Pilatus Porter, what a paint scheme!

John Killinger with a fast flying wing.

Kyle Bushman, Rebel EDF rolling.

Chris Atwood with his Snipe, a really cool glider, I believe he said it weighed 250 grams ready for takeoff, or to throw.

Don Schmedake with a Hobby King foam F-22.

Rege Hall's Mambo 10E bipe.

John Killinger starting his 30cc Big Stick.

2018 New Years Day Fly In and lunch - 2018 brought us the coldest New Years Day in recent memories, set records for lows. The first flights at Corsair Field took place about 11:00 am, temperature was -10 degrees F, and 10-15 mph wind! By noon when most members arrived it had risen to -5, with a afternoon high of 1 above. Thanks to all those who brought soups to share, they were all good and enjoyed by all. The extreme cold temps and winds did not stop many members from making a New Years Day flight, despite the cold fingers. Below is a list of our Firsts of the 1st.

First Flight of the day: Don Schmedake - HK Mule on skies

First FPV flight: Parker Hall - Stratocruiser

First family flights: Ralph, Blake and Dillon McBee - RMRC Recruits

First Amphib flight: Rege Hall - HK Skipper (see short You Tube video)

First foamie flight: Jon Dieringer - WMPF MXS

First foamie Yak flight: Bryan Baumer - McBee Yak 55

First (and only non-electric) flight: Brian James - H9 Valiant 30cc, DLE 30cc gas

First float plane flight: John Louden - Wilga 2000

First aborted flight: Brian Martin - FPV UMX Stryker (motor no go)

First surface flight: Mark Tudor - Airboat (yes, it got air under it) If I missed any first flights after I left, please send me a note and I will add to our list.

11:00 am, -10 degrees, wow!

Parker Hall readying his RMRC Stratocruiser.

Rege Hall, second flight of the day with HK Skipper.

Jon Dieringer with his WMPF flat MXS, wind hampered him from getting too much flight time.

Ralph McBee launching his Recruit FPV wing.

Parker taking off his FPV Stratocruiser from the smooth snow.

Two of the McBee Recruits in the beautiful blue sky.

Windsock shot with FPV planes in the pattern.

Temperature at noon.

Friends and food, no better combination.

John Louden with his Wilga 2000 on floats.

Bryan Baumer in true winter garb, getting ready to fly his flat Yak 55.

Brian James with his H9 Valliant 30 on skies. Powered by a DLE 30cc gas engine, took several tries to get it running. Looked great in the cold clear air.

Many tracks on the snow, great for float and ski flying.

Mark Tudor with his airboat, really went on the snow. Piloted by Marvin the Martian.

Don Schmedake, first flight on the first (photo courtesy of Warren Estep).

The December meeting was a success, 80 people this year with plenty of room and lots of great food and fellowship.

And, the winners of our annual December raffle are: John Scolaro, UMX Timber - Steve Wissen, UMX Sport Cub - Tom E. Hatfield, J-3 Cub - Kyle Bushman, UMX Yak 54 - Rick Gilmore, UMX P-47 (not pictured). Tom Carlyle, Parker Hall, Tom L Hatfield and John Lawyer each won a gift card to Frost Bite. John Scolaro also won the Commander we sold raffle tickets for at the meeting.

Sunday the 3rd of December, a very nice day to fly! Not a big crowd though.

nalph McBee getting ready to enjoy another FPV flight with this RMRC Recruit.

Ryan Jones' HSD Super Viper Turbine in the beautiful blue skies.

John Killinger with his Great Planes 300c Big Ugly Stick.

Ryan Jones'FMS 70 mm EDF Avanti.

Don Schmedake with his P-40 Warhawk.

Parker Hall flying his UMX Pitts Special S-1. Nothing more eye appealing than a Pitts in a clear blue sky!

Warren Estep's Timber. There were several today including Bryan Baumer's

Rege Hall's 50cc Extra 300 SP rolling in with the smoke on, great skies for smoke.

Nick Shepler's Logo 700E.

Don Schmedake's twin 64 mm EDF A-10 Warthog.

7-Oct-2017, the Blacksheep hosted the trainer area for the AMA's 2017 Warrior Day. We started the day with Tony Stillman from the AMA helping us set up 4 brand new Sport S trainers. The technology of these r/c planes is quite amazing. Properly set up, we did not even need to use trainer cords. The planes were GPS enabled and featured geo fencing and return to home capability.

Today was very windy with steady 32 to 34 mph winds. Despite the wind, we were able to start with a little airshow and then allow many WWP and DAV veterans and their families enjoy flying a r/c plane. Rege Hall flew his PAU 50cc Extra 300SP, Parker Hall flew his Whiplash E helicopter and Flex Inovations Extra 300, John Louden flew his Outlaw E and Ryan Jones started and taxied his turbine Mirage for the crowd. Thanks so much to every Blacksheep who attended and helped Mandee Mikulski and Tony Stillman, they organized a great event.

Brya Baumer's recemtly acquired Pilot Yak 54. Powered by a DLE 55RE.

9-Sep-17 / We hosted Boy Scout Troop 397 from St. Malachy in Brownsburg. Thanks to the guys that showed up and fought the wind to make his a successful event. There were 19 scouts and each one was able to fly on the simulator and then fly a trainer. Joe Hartsock, Ralph McBee, Warren Estep, Don Schmedake and John Louden provided the trainers. Parker Hall, Dave Miller, Harold Etling and Rege Hall assisted.

After the trainer flying, the very well behaved scouts and their leaders were treated to several demos. Parker Hall flew his Whiplash E helicopter, Rege Hall flew Warren Estep's 80mm Avanti, John Louden flew his E Outlaw, Don Schmedake flew his drop plane several times dropping parachutes and wiffle balls, the scouts had a blast catching the parachutes, and John Killinger flew his 30cc MXSR aerobatic plane. John also answered questions the entire time from our curious guests.

Labor Day 2017 ccokout was well atteded, despite the very strong crosswids.

Saturday the 3rd of Septemebr was a very ice day to be at the flying field. Here are a few shots of the day.

Dillon McBee's 6 motor multi rotor.

Warren really love's rc planes!

John Louden's revived Spacewalker. Powered by a G-26 gas engine and covered with Solartex and the painted.

Parker Hall's E-Flight Corsair making a low pass.

Warren Estep's giant E-Flight T-28 re-borne in Jolly Rogers livery, very nice.

Bryan Baumer's Mig 21 EDF.

John Killiger startig his 30cc MXS-R.

Steve Greer flying his E-Flight Timber.

Rege Hall starting his 20 year old nitro Hawk.

Thanks to all who helped out at the very warm and muggy first night at the 2017 Hendricks County Fair for the Blacksheep. We had a very nice variety of aircraft on display and lots of flying of all types of aircraft. And the fair food never lets us down!

Another nice summer day at Corsair Field.

Jon Dierlinger's E-Flight Commander, very nice flying plane.

John Louden's reeealy fast E Outlaw.

Don Schmedake's Sig Cessna look alike, dropping orange waffle balls and a parachute.

Something here just does not look right, Don's Big Ugly Stick that comes apart in the middle for transportation.

Justin Hartsock with an electric helicopter.

Bryan Baumer's EDF Mig 21.

Dave Miller's Great Planes P6 Hawk, won it at the Christmas meeting.

Rege Hall's Turbinator jet, powered by King Tech.

Warren Estep's Freewing twin 80mm EDF A-10 Warthog.

Roger Dohm flying his E-Flight Convergance on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Warren Estep's Motion RC 80mm Avante.

The Bushman family and Warren looking over Kyle's new 50cc size Raven.

John Louden RCG 30cc powered Sbach, flies great!

Kyle's Rave tumbling.

Ron Thompson getting ready for a flight with his E-Flight T-28.

Tom Hatfield after a flight with his UMX F-16 Thunderbird EDF.

Ben Halsey with a new FPV plane from Hobby King.

John Killinger firing up his 30cc Big Stick.

John taxiing back after one of several successful flights.

Kyle Bushman's DLE 60 powered Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt rolling o take off.

Roger Dohm launching his Hitec Zipper.

Steve Bushman awaiting clearance to taxi and take off with his E-Flight Carbon Z Cub.

Warren Estep's 80mm EDF F-86 jet.

Steve Greer readying his 30cc Revolver.

Tom Hatfield's OMP Extra 330SC, powered by a DLE 120cc, very strong. Great looking plane against the blue skies.

Rege Hall's Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU-26MM, powered by a DLE 170cc engine.

Photos from 2017 Memorial Day cookout and flying. Nice weather, great food and good friends!

Rege Hall's 20 year old 100" Sukhoi SU-31, still smokin'. ZDZ 80 power.

Chris Atwood launching John Killinger's Bullet, .60 size nitro powered.

Bryan Baumer with his E-Flight P-47 Thunderbolt.

Foods on!

John Killinger with his 30cc gas powered Big Stick.

Wild Bill Clontz with his new 110" 100cc electric powered Extra in Big Beautiful Doll scheme.

Bill's new Extra, looks great in the air.

John Louden's Extreme Flight Turbo Duster, electric powered.

Parker Hall's Blade quad racer, flew around with a screen for spectators to watch how close he flies to the trees.

Jon Dieringer's Kaos 60, powered by a gas .65 size engine.

A few club members enjoying the pleasant weather.

John Louden with his Extreme Flight Turbo Duster, has to be the most all around plane you can get.

Ryan Jones with is very fast Hobby King Extra racer.

Joe Miller with his Free Wing 1600mm P-38.

Warren Estep with his HSD 105mm EDF powered F-16 in Alaska scheme.

Ready to roll!

P-38 looks geat.

Weir Thurman with is Watt Kat electric Quickie 500 racer.

Jon Dieringer starting is Kaos 60.

Jay Clark launching his Opterra 2 meter flying wing, very large presence.

Galo Deinero with his new E-Flight Commander, flies very well. Chris Atwood proudly displays his 1940's era Buzzard Bombshell. Flies great, but does not like crosswind take offs.

We had a good turnout from Blacksheep club members to fly and display at the 2017 Avon Spring Fling. We also had several guests come and enjoy the day. The weather was almost perfect for this event. Thanks to Ron Thompson for the golf cart and shuttling pilots and planes from the two parking lots and thanks to Joe Hartsock and Lutz Paschke for displays. Since the weather was great, the number of spectators was also great. We had planes in the air the entire day. No sinking's that I am aware of (except one multi rotor that experienced a broken part in flight). Most popular plane this year, Timber, followed by Seawinds.

Welcome to the 2017 event, although one week delayed.

Blacksheep rule!

John Louden launching his Stryker, o roof top landings this year.

Stephen Woods headed for the dock.

John Louden's Extreme Flight Turbo Duster, reeealy powerful.

Turbo Duster and a Seawind.

Don Schmedake with his PBY, only twin at the event.

John Louden and fleet, Turbo Duster, Wilga 2000, Stryker and Scuffy.

Rege Hall with his Timber sporting a non factory trim scheme.

Bryan Baumer with his Timber, best decorated Timber at the event. Even has ladders from the floats to the plane.

Jon Dieringer did a great job with his Hobbico Seawind for the first time on the water.

Parker Hall with his Timber, he flew it a number of times at this event, low and slow.

Bryan Baumer flying his Timber.

John Louden's Extreme Flight Turbo Duster, and it has turbo power.

Lutz Paschke displaying his 120cc powered very large Piper Pawnee.

John Louden flying his Wilga 2000

Ryan Jones with his Timber, remember, there were many Timbers here.

Headed for the flight line.

Two Timbers lining up for takeoff.

Don Schmedake headed for the dock with his PBY for another flight.

Bryan Baumer getting ready for takeoff while a speed boat runs at the south side of the lake.

Our mascot for the day, a red winged blackbird hug around all say, the planes did to seem to bother him at all.

Steve Greer with his Timber.

Quite fitting, a seagull overhead. John's Scuffy recovery boat was used several times, worked great.

19-Feb, what a nice day, many took advantage of the unseasonably nice weather this weekend. Tom Hatfield's OMP Extra 300 in a flat spin, with smoke!

Warren Estep's 78" wing span T-28.

Joe Hartsock preparing for a Contender flight.

Gary Melkey's PT-17 Stearman, looks great in the beautiful blue sky. I believe this is a E-Flight model.

A photo pass of Warren's T-28.

Scott Black with his very bright 4-Star, get's more intense every time he brings it out.

Joe Miller with his recently completed F-14 Tomcat foamie, wigns even swing. A mis behaving elevon servo prevented a flight this day.

Father and son, Tom L. Hatfield piloting as Tom E. looks on.

John Louden's Extreme Flight Turbo Duster, this is one fantastic airplane. John has plenty of power on it.

Parker Hall doing some FPV flying.

Tom Hatfield and Tom Hatfield firing up Tom E.'s OMP Extra 300, flies great on a DLE 55.

Tom on takeoff, let the good times roll!

Several Blacksheep visited the Air Force Museum in Dayton on 11-Feb. First time to see the new hangar, lot's of great photo ops. Parker Hall and Bryan Baumer in fromt of Bockscar, the B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

World's first airport, Huffman Prairie Flying Field at Wright Patterson Air Base. Also, pictured is a replica of the pully system used by the Wright's to launch thier first flights in Ohio after returnig from Kitty Hawk. They flew there in 1904 and 1905 and the returned to start The Wiright Compay in 1910. This is true hallowed ground!

December's meeting was another special night that goes to prove how great our club is. Bill Clontz gave a brief report regarding the mower and by the end of the night, it was nearly paid off! All the members and family members attending brought lots of good eats to share and I filled the back of my pickup with hats, gloves, socks ad scarves. These go to Shared Blessings Food Pantry to help out those not as fortunate as most of us. Bill spoke of the club as a big family, it truly is.

A great turnout for the December meeting and family dinner, over 70!

Lucky drawing winners! Time to eat, Joe's smoked ham was more delicious than ever. Drawing prizes.

Another beautiful fall day, Sunday 13-Nov-16.

Dave Miller returning from a mission with his 1200mm T-28.

Dave Miller's 1400mm Iron Ass II P-51 Mustang. A great day for a Mustang flight

Rege Hall's old Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU-31 caught during a knife edge spin and a tumble. (photo courtesy of Bryan Baumer).

Warren Estep's 78" Carbon Z T-28.

. Bryan Baumer flying his E-Flight P-51 Mustang, as referenced earlier, great day for a Mustang flight.

If you missed some time at the field the last several days, you truly missed some really great fall weather. The field is in great shape and the fall colors make for a fantastic background.

Tom Hatfield's OMP 35% Extra 330SC, powered by a DLE 120cc.

Ralph McBee's old tried and true F-22 cruising.

Ralph and Dillon McBee sharing the skies.

Warren Estep with new Motion RC 90mm EDF Venom.

Parker Hall's Speedix moving some leaves.

Warren Estep taxing out his 78" wing span T-28.

Dave Miller taxiing his SE-5A out for a flight.

Dillon McBee and Parker Hall, just like Yertle the Turtle, they are kings over all they can see!

Tom Hatfield giving Kyle Bushman a hand with his Hangar 9 Beast. Powered by a 3W USi 106cc engine.

Kyle's Beast looks great in the air on a blue fall sky.

Galo Deniero ready for a flight with his Apprentice 15E.

Kyle Bushman giving Tom E. Hatfield a had with his OMP Extra 330SC. Tom's Extra is powered by a DLE 120cc turning a Falcon carbon fiber prop.

John Lawyer's Great Planes Red Bull P-38.

Dave Miller headed for the startup are with his Motion RC 57" wing span B-25.

Alan Ward with his Dynam Gee Bee, flies very nice.

Tom Hatfield's OMP Extra 330SC smokin'.

John Louden and Parker Hall seeing who is the fastest.

Parker Hall's Theory wing in the background with John Louden's Stryker in the foreground. It was hard to tell, close.

John Lawyer retrieving his Bill Evans Slo Mo Senior. Very brigh scheme John chose.

Warren's Venom I flight. This is the most powerful 90mm EDF I have flow. From a walk to 100 mph!(photos courtesy of Tom Hatfield)

Scott Black with his Great Planes Fokker DR1 triplane.

Rege Hall's Extreme Flight Extra 300, powered by a DLE 55. Start tumble, mid tumble, finish tumble.(photos courtesy of Parker Hall)

Scott Black's DR1 in flight. This is one of those planes that just looks good in the air.

Rege Hall's King tech 120G powered Turbinator, it made a 180 mph pass today.

Parker Hall flying his Whiplash, very low.

Gary Melkey's Tower Hobbies CrazE Wing.(photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Scott Black's Sig Rascal 110, very greceful plane.(photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Team Turbinator, Parker Hall, Rege Hall and John Louden.(photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Tom Hatfield's OMP Extra 330SC, powered by a DLE 120.(photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Some photos from practice and qualifying day on Saturday at the Indianapolis Red Bull Air Races. Skies were not ideal for photos, but the action was impressive.

John Louden flying for third graders at Kitley Elementary School. John received many great comments and thank you's.

A new quad game, break the balloon. Parker Hall's Speedix 250 towing the balloon, while Dillo McBee tries for it.

Tom Carlyle ready to tear up the skies with his electric Pitts M12!

John Lawyer starting his 50cc Sbach.

Joe Hartsock's nitro Super Sportster 40. Funny to say nitro anymore, but Joe is a nitro die hard.

Mike Whitmore looks on as Kyle Bushman waiting for airspace to launch his Top Flight P-40 Warhawk.

Kyle's Top flite P-40 Warhawk. DLE 55 with a scale exhaust and three blade prop. There are not many planes that look more pleasing in the air than a P-40.

Rege Hall's Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU-26MM, powered by a DLE 170.

Joe Hartsock with his Top Flite Contender.

Dave Miller with his Top Flite Elder (Eindecker). Great flying plane.

Shawn Dionne flying his E-Flight Dallas Doll P-51 Mustang.

Tom E. Hatfield's 120cc powered OMP Extra 330SC.

Steve Greer firing up his 50cc Revolver.

Many of us enjoyed a wonderful day flying and another great cookout on Sunday the 4th. Lots of members, family and friends were out to enjoy the pleasant weather and our Labor Day cookout.

Dillon and Parker returning from setting up the obstacles for a FPV race.

Parker Hall's new Log 550.

Parker Hall and Dillon McBee at takeoff on the start of a FPV race (check out the video page for the race on You Tube).

Bill Clontz's Dolphin Jet resurrected. Bill did a great job Bringing it back to flying status. Powered by a Kig Tech 140 turbine, flew great. (photos by Parker Hall)

Warren Estep's 80mm EDF F-86 coming in for a nice landing.

Joe Miller getting his Motion RC A-10 ready for a flight.

Warren Estep with his Motion RC 80mm EDF F-86.

Galo Denerio with his E-Flight Corsair.

Parker Hall's new Logo 550.

Warren Estep returning with a big smile after a nice flight with his Hangar 9 electrified Spitfire.

Steve Bushman with Mike Bushman assisting test runs on his Top Flight P-47.

Parker Hall with his Speedix 250 quad racer.

Joe Kosiba propping his DLE 35RE powered Giant Supersportster.

Alle Ward with a Dynam Waco.

Joe's Giant Supersportster coming in.

Scott Sorenson with his DLE powered Staudacher

Bryan Baumer with his trusty aged E-Flight P-47 and his E-Flight P-51.

Rege Hall's QQ Pitts Model 12S Python. Powered by a DA 100. (photos by John Louden and Bryan Baumer)

Kyle Bushman's Top Flight P-47 powered by a new DLE 61 and scale 4 blade prop.

And we eat! Over 60 people enjoyed the cookout this great evening.

Our newest member, Steve Wissen. And, our newest pilot to earn his wings, soloed today, 3-Sep-16! John Louden's Extreme Flight Legacy Aviation Turbo Duster, this is one great flying airplane!

John's Turbo Duster on floats at the Universal Lake Float Fly In.

Steve and Kyle Bushman taxiing out thier Carbon Z Cubs.

Kyle Bushman's Carbon Z Cub on takeoff.

Steve Bushman's Carbon Z Cub on takeoff.

A visitor to our field, looks like he could take most foamies.

Dave Miller's new Motion RC B-25, looks great in flight.

Joe Miller getting ready to fly his Motion RC A-10 Warthog.

Warren Estep proudly displays his Motion RC 80mm EDF F-86. It looks great I the air and the 12 blade fan sounds great.

Bill Clontz's 1000mm Logo back to 800mm configuration, very powerful.

Rege Hall's H9 Christen Eagle, powered by a DLE 20 cc gas engine, hardly ay plane looks as good as a Christen Eagle in a blue sky.

Dillon McBee's homemade multi rotor with retracting booms.

Joe Hartsock getting his J-3 Cub ready for a flight.

Ralph McBee flyig his former Toy Bowling Sig 4 Star 60.

Dillon and Ralph McBee. Ralph is taxiing back Tony Bowling's 4 Star 60 which he has electrified.

Bill Clontz's very special Waco, DLE 30 cc gas power and is simply beautiful in flight.

Steve Greer's E-Flight Mosquito, this is a sight the axis forces did not want to see.

Warren Estep's Free Wig P-51 Mustang, another sight the axis forces feared.

Steve Greer's Motion RC P-40 Warhawk.

Dave Miller's Top Flite Elder masquerading as a Eindecker. Tony Bowling's spirit was with us today.

Blacksheep on the flight line.

Joe Kosiba's Giat Super Sportster, power by a DLE 35RE, what a great airplane. Joe has more flights on it than you can count.

Phil Epaves retrieving his Seagull Edge 540.

4th of July on the 10th, what a great day for rc flying! The weather was near perfect and particularly awesome for July. Here are some photos from the day:

Steve Greer and his Hobbico Stinson.

Rege Hall's Top Flite Corsair on take off roll.

Photo pas, powered by a DLE 55 with a Troy Built 3 blade scale prop and Robart electric retracts with scale gear doors.

Wayne Jones' B-24. Not many details, but I would bet it was scratch built.

Ryan Jones' V-22 Osprey getting ready to transition to forward flight.

Now in forward flight.

Tom E. Hatfields OMP Extra 300.

Rege Hall's Extreme Flight Extra 300backing down through the smoke.

Bill Clontz ready to go fast with his Sundowner, 130 mph range.

Bill getting ready to fly his E-Flite Rare Bear racer.

Tom giving Wild Bill's Rare Bear a launch.

Another shot of Rege's Corsair.

Tom E. Hatfield's DLE 120 cc powered OMP Extra 330SC.

Extra 330SC, smoke On.

Tom L. Hatfield getting some stick time with Tom E's assistance.

Joe Miller launching his Saab Viggen.

The Viggen in flight, very distinctive profile.

Tom Hatfiled and Tom Hatfiled heading out for a flight.

John Lawyer's Bill Evans Slo Motion Senior.

Joe Miller's Flite Test F-22 pulling a streamer. John getting the Slo Motion ready.

Mark Tudor's T-Rex 600E getting in a flight.

Parker Hall tail touching the nice green grass.

Jack and Chris Shelton and guest waiting for the fireworks after a few flights of their foamy Hellcat.

Parker flying low high alpha knife edge.

Nathen Hays flying his Super Sportster EP.

Ryan Jones with is lighted Calypso powered glider.

Carl Blackwell getting ready for a flight with his electric Cub.

Joe Miller launching his Flite Test F-22 full bodied foamy.

Carl Blackwell getting in some well deserved flight time with Tom E. Hatfield's assistance.

Tom Hatfield and Tom Hatfield getting the 36% Extra 330SC ready.,p> Joe Hartsock checking over his Contender.

Parker Hall proving that alfalfa can reach out and grab a plane.

Ryan Jone's HSB Super Viper Turbine.

Ryan Jones' Free Wing T-45 90mm EDF. Looks great in the air.(photos courtesy of Parker Hall)

Rege Hall's Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang in Chuck Yeager scheme. DLE 60 power. Lots of extra scale details. (photos courtesy of Parker Hall)

First jet flight at our field. Rege Hall's Turbinator, powered by a King Tech 120.
We had a wonderful Memorial Day cookout and a great day for flying. Over 60 people enjoyed the burgers, chicken and brats from the grill. Thanks to Tony Young for handling the chief grill master duties, great job, not a burned piece of meat the whole day. Lots of guys were able to take advantage of thee nice, a little warm, weather. Here are some photo highlights from the day:

Bryan Baumer flying Rege Hall's Zipper.

Joe Miller launching his Fight Test F-22.

Gary Melkey after a flight with his 4 stroke powered Big Stick.

Curtis Prater's Hobby King ME 163. Flew good and has rocket assist.

Parker Hall checking the depth on the end of the runway with his QQ300.

Ronald Thompson with a Dynam Waco powered by a glow 4 stroke, fantastic sound in the air.

Warren Estep's pit area.

Don Schmedake, known as the odd unusual plane guy with a scratch built Bill Evans Desperado 3000.

Parker Hall launching his Zipper.

Kyle Bushman assisting Tom Hatfield ready his OMP Extra 330SC for a flight.

Joe Hartsock with a classic Cub.

Yes indeed, free food always brings out a crowd!

Tom Hatfield flying his beautiful Extra 330SC, powered by a ripping DLE 111.

Rege Hall's DA 100 powered QQ Pitts Python.(photo by Bryan Baumer)

Bryan Paris flying a Super Sportster EP.

Roger Dohm with his E-Flite T-28.

Warren Estep launching his E-Flite UMX Habu.

Tony Young with his Sukhoi SU26.

Ryan Jones with his very speedy ROC Hobbies Critical Mass.

John Louden's Sig Space Walker, new RCG 26 cc engine, very nice! John Louden's Sig Spacewalker is back to life. Says he replaced the Zenoah G23 with a Continental 65, looks like an 85 to me. Beautiful plane, John painted this aircraft.

The 2016 version of the Avon Spring Fling RC Festival was a success despite the rain and winds. It was mostly cloudy all day rained almost once every hor. We still had a good time and was able to get in a lot of flights. Many club members made flights during the day. John Louden and Rege Hall were there early to set up the pop up awnings, tables and do the best they could t make old pallets into dock. John Louden flew is Wilga 2000, and Stryker many times. Jay Clark flew his UMX carbon Cub so many times in the unruly wind we could not count them. Rege Hall flew his 85" Carbon Cub Z and Skipper several times. Joe Miller flew is PBY many times and his Flight Test F-22. Ryan Jones flew a really cool Canadian Air CL145T. Parker flew his QQ300, dipping into the weeds and the water. Mark Tudor flew a UMX Icon. Sara Jean Rees and friend Clarke Boncquet flew a Hobbico Beaver. Several guests also joined the float flying fun. Stephen Woods had several planes including a very nice flying Seawind. Rich Nagella flew several planes including a fiberglass PBY. Jeff Littlefield flew a Icon also.

Sunday April 24, was another beautiful spring day. Lots of flying!

Joe Miller's Flight Test F-22, flies really well.

John Louden's T-28, gear up.

John Louden's T28 high while Warren Estep's T-28 low.

Rege Hall's 40% Sukhoi SU-26MM powered by a DLE 170, smoke on! A laws ow sweeping knife edge pass and a really small loop.(photos by John Louden)

Scott Sorenson's Staudacher S300 getting rady and doing a little high alpha.

Kyle Bushman's Slipstream Super Chipmunk. It is powered by a DLE 30 cc gas engine.

Tony Young with his 72" Sukhoi SU-26, powered by a OS BG1.

John Lawyer getting his Seagull Model Dauntless ready for a flight.

Scott Black's Sig Rascal 110. It is powered by a Saito 1.25 four stroke. Sounds nice and flies nice.

Joe Kosiba's Giant Super Sportster powered by a DLE 35 RE. This is just a great flying plane.

Gary Melkey with his ROC Hobbies Voodoo pylon racing P-51 Mustang.

John Killinger's Giant Stick, 30cc power, another very nice flying plane.

Troy Whitted after a successful flight with his Apprentice E. Welcome back to flying!.

Steve Greer's FMS 1400mm P40B Warhawk. Flies great.

John Lawyer's B17 electric, a really cool sight in the air.

Scott Sorenson's Staudacher S300 getting ready and doing a little high alpha.

Another wonderful day to fly, even better than yesterday, lots of guys got in a lot of flight today.

Rege Hall's 18 year old Hangar 9 SU-31, still flies great. (photo courtesy of Scott Black)

A closer look at Steve Greer's Stinson. (photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Bill clontz and his 128mm EDF Dolphin. (photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Scott Black proudly posing with hiss newly acquired Sig Rascal 110, big and flies nice.(photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Tom Carlyle getting his electric Model 12 Pitts ready. (photo courtesy of Scott Black)

Nick Shepler's Sig Four Star 120 converted to electric by Wild Bill's mod shop.

John Killinger's legendary Andrews Aeromaster.

John with his Big Stick powered by a DLE 30, very impressive.

Steve Greer's Stinson Gull wing, DLE 30 powered, another nice flyer.

Tom Carlyle taxing his Pitts Model 12 back to the pit area after a very nice landing.

Tom headed back to the pit area.

John Louden getting ready for a launch of his E Outlaw. And there it goes. And there it really goes!

Rege Hall's Raven taking off, powered by a 30cc size electric motor and 10 cell pack. (photo courtesy of Parker Hall)<

Rege flying a slip down the runway. (photo courtesy of Parker Hall)<

Wild Bill Clontz flying his Advance 40 EL, low, watch out for those flowers!(photo courtesy of Parker Hall)

Ryan Jones' HL racing Mustang, very fast. (photo courtesy of Parker Hall)<

Tony Young, back with us, getting his SU26 ready to go. Faron Trosper helping out.

16-Apr-16, what a nice day, first blue sky warm day in quite osm eitme. Got a little winy, but a great day.

Ryan Jones getting ready to fly his really fast Critical Mass Sea Fury by ROC Hobbies.

Blake McBee's Addiction, flies great.

Dillon McBee launching Gary Melkey's FPV flying wing.

Don Schmedake with assistance from Tom Elson, firing up his Ultra Sport 1000.

Gary Melkey getting his speed bird ready to go.

John Louden's 30cc Slipstream Sbach 342.

Warren Estep's 78" wing span E-Flight T-28.

Rege Hall's Carbon Z Cub, powered by a Power 60.

Joe Hartsock running the new engine on his newly completed Top Flite Contender.

Parker Hall's Slipstream MX2, powered by a Turnigy 160 electric motor and 10 cell battery.

Joe Kosiba starting his Giant Scale Supersportster, John Killinger helping out.

John Louden's E Outlaw, awesome speed with a 9x9 prop.

Parker Hall on the left and Brian Aimer on the right flying Speedix's via FPV.

Justin Hartsock's Logo 700 electric helicopter.

Scott Sorenson battling the wind to get his Staudacher ready to fly. Now powered by a DLE 30cc.

Scott Black preparing his Twist for a flight.

Chris Atwood in the background with his Seagull Edge 540.

John Louden's Origin Hobbies Wilga 2000.

Chris Atwood in the background with his Seagull Edge 540.(photo by Scott Black)

John Louden getting his Sbach ready. (photo by Scott Black)

Easter Day 2016, a very nice day till late afternoon.

Warren Estep with his ne E-Flight 78" wing span T-28. Flies very nice and looks great in the air.

Parker Hall flying his Falcon Hobbies QQ Extra 300.

Rege Hall launching his UMX P-47.

Alan Ward's foam fleet. Nice looking and flying planes.

Parke Hall flying Blade 500X, how low can you go?

Justin Hartsock's T-Rex 600 nitro, how low can he go? Justin is becoming quite handy with the helos!

Saturday the 26th of March, finally seen some nice blue skies and reasonable temperatures with a 15 mph wind right down the runway.

Parker Hall (L) and Rege Hall (R) with thier Falcon Hobbies QQ Extra 300 elecrtic airplanes.

Bill Clontz's Super Kaos 60 turned electric coming in for a landing.

Parker Hall's Habu on a fly by.

Wild Bill's Cobra, 90mm EDF, coming in for a landing.

Justin Hartsock firing up his nitro T-Rex 600.

Galo DeNeira prepping his Apprentice for a flight.

Bill Clonz with his Advance 40E inverted pass.

Justin Hartsock getting in some inverted practice with his nitro heli.

John Killinger firing propping the DLE 30 on his Giant Stick.

Parker Hall with his Falcon Hobbies Extra 3003D in inverted alpha flight.

Parker in the photo flying low inverted high alpha.

Wild Bill lining up his 90mm EDF Cobra jet.

Up she goes!

Bill Clontz's maiden flight of his Pilot 78" wing span Dolphin jet. Bill did an excellent job or fitting the 128 mm carbon fiber EDF, and it provided plenty of power.

Warren Estep with his Apprentis, getting ready on a warm and gray day.

Jay Clark flyin his Apprentis, getting very comfortable.

John Louden launching his E Outlaw, really moves out, 140 - 145 mph range. Had an exciting battery toss and then flat spin down.

Steve Greer with a new FMS 1400mm P-40 Warhawk, very nice plane, Steve flies it well and it looks great in the air.

John Louden with his HiTec Zipper, a fun little plane, would make a good club pylon racer. Comes all white and you only need add a receiver and battery pack.

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