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Black Sheep Pictures

Blacksheep community project, our two miles of Hiway 36, mile marker 57 to 59.

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Bryan Baumer's 1/4 scale Enidecker, powered by a DLE 20 gas engine.

Rege Hall's Flex Mamba 120, poweered by a DLE 130.

John Louden's Boomerang RC Spring, KT120 power.

John Killinger's Boomerang RC Sprint, KT120 power.

Rege Hall's HSD L-39, powered by a KT102.

Saturday 4-May (May the flying be fun) we hosted out Blacksheep RC Modelers Float Fly In at Gibbs Memorial Park, Danville, IN. Fantastic flying conditions for the day. We had 28 pilots making many flights. There were multiple times that 4, 5 or six airplanes in the air many times during the day. There were planes ranging fomr small UMX to larger E-Flite and Flex planes. There were too many flights to get an accurate count in the 5.5 hours of flying. We also had many spectators watch us fly and visit the rc cars and Indy Admirals boat club.

January 1, 2024 brought us another successful event at Corsair Field for our annual First Fly In of the New Year. Temps started out at 31 degreees an climbed to a balmy 35 degrees by the time everyone was loading up. The wind stayed steady between 12-15 mph (at least the wind direction was right down the runway)which made for cold hands and time in the heated clubhouse. We had 30+ members attend and enjoy a first flight of 2024 and lunch. We had chili, ham & bean soup, chili and a hamburger/potato/cheesy soup. Also, plenty of fudge, chips, and cookies. I did not get an accurate count of all the flights, although there were many. First of 2024 flights included electric planes, gas planes and nitro powered planes of many different varities. All in all, a really nice event for January first in central Indiana!

below photos courtesy of Scott Black.


Tom Elam's E-Flite Habu

Rege Hall's, 90mm 8 S Eurofighter.

John Killinger's Ranger jet, Swinwin 120 turbine power.

Ryan Jones' HSD L-39, Swinwin 80 turbine power.

John Lawyer's scratch built Junkers JU-52 tri motor, nitro power.

Rick Gilmore's Flex Extra 300QQ.

Ryan Jones' Motion RC Couger EDF power.

Bryan Paris propping his Great Plannes 50cc Escapade.

Jesus Parra's E-Flite Carbon Cub.

Despite cool weather, overcast skies and brisk north wind, we had 28 pilots show up for the float fly in at Gibbs Memorial Park on Saturday 28-Oct. Most pilots had 2 or more planes, multiple planes were in the air all morning.

John Louden and John Killinger at the Bill Beach Classic Jet Rally at Rosewood RC Flyers, Elizabeth, IN.

3 Flex Innovations RV8's on a sunny day.

John Killinger's Boomerang RC Sprint.

Rege Hall's E Flight SR-71.

John Killinger's FW F-4 Phantom 90mm EDF.

John Louden's Boomerang RC Sprint.

Parker Hall, Flex Innovations RV8 V2.

Joe Miller's FMS P-38.

Warren Estep's Flex Innovations RV8.

Rege Hall's 125" Laser 200, DA150 power.(photo by Brian Aimer).

John Killinger's Boomerang RC Ranger at Bell Beach Classic.

John Louden's Black Horse RC Viper Jet 12S EDF.

Our 2023 NMAD event to support Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation is complete. We had 38 pilots and lots of planes, food and prizes. Despite the early morning monsoon, the day tuned out very nice, a great event.

Father's Day weekend.

Brian Aimer flying his electric Eagle.

Warren Estep's new Freewing F8F Couger.

Joe Miller's Flite Test F-4 Phantom, launch assist = John Killinger.

John Killinger's turbine powered Boomerang Sprint, King Tech 120 power.

John Louden's E-Flite 90mm Viper Jet.

John "Gliderman" Lawyer.

Parker Hall with Whiplash, cutting grass.

Steve Hoy, 122" Sukhoi SU-26MM, powered by an elctric StingGr 150 motor and lot's of batteries.

John Louden's Sig Spacewalker, gas powered.

John Lawyer, Sig Senior Kadet, nitro powerd.

A few photos from the Memorial Day weekend. Mostly nice weather and a food for lunch on Monday.

Tom Elam launching glider.

John Killingr's Phoenix Models BAE Hawk, turbine power.

Rege Hall's Turbinator turbine.

Harold Etling's Flex QQ Extra 300.

John Louden's 90mm E-Flite Viper Jet.

Kyle Bushman's Turbinator turbine.

John Louden, Phoenix Viper Jet.

Ian Lawson with E-Flite EDF's.

The FPV gang, Brian Aimer, Parker Hall, Diilon McBee and Ralph McBee.

Parker Hall, Flex Cap 232.

Ian Lawson's E-Flite 70mm EDF F-16.

Pictures for 2023 Avon Parks Spring Fling. Temperatures were seasonable, the morning started out heavy overcast and very mild winds. We got a couple hours of sunshine around noon then back to overcast. The overcast skies did not stop pilots from getting in many flights throughout the event. Thanks to all who attneded and special thanks to Paul Wycoff for being there to assist.

Parker Hall's Flex Innovations RV8.

Local widlife, a blue heron fishing, a beaver letting us know he was around and a squirrel hanging out most of the day just watching.

Paul Wycoff launching John Lawyer's PBY Catalina.

John Lawyer retrieving his PBY Catalina.

Brian Merrell with last falls plane from the trees.

John Louden with his Extreme Flight Turbo Duster.

Joe Miller - tugboat in action.

Warren Estep - Turbo Timber. Yes, with a reversing prop you can water taxi a Turbo Timber back to shore.

Don Schmedake - HK Pilatus.

Rege Hall - Flex Innovations RV8-60.

Harold retuning Don's Pilatus to its parking space.

Pietrie Dobbs - HK Super EZ, he also had several float planes and small electric boats.

Jon Dieringer - Timber, nice flying.

Tom Carlyle - Timber one of many who caught a crosswind taxxing back.

Harold Etling - Skipper.

Scott Black - E-Flite Carbon Cub.

Some of the crowd, we had a good crowd all day.

John Louden - Recruit wing.

Joe Miller's rescue attempt of John Lawyer's .

Stephen Woods' - Grumman Widgeon?.

Joe Miller - HK Skipper.

Parker Hall - Flex Innovations RV8-60. Cool video on You Tube, V618Pvbm3o8.

Bryan Baumer - Flex Innovations RV810E.

It happens! (Scott Black credit).

Rege & Parker's fleet. (Scott Black credit)

More crowd. (Scott Black credit).

Beginning of a nice day

John Killinger's Sprint turbine jet

Parker Hall, E-Flite F-14 EDF

Mark Wolf, E-Flite 1.2mm T-28

Jim Thatcher, new E-Flite 2M T-28

Parker Hall, Flex Innovations Cap 232

Warren Estep, Free Wing F-22 90mm EDF

Harold Etling, Flex Innovations QQ Extra 300

John Louden, E-Flite 90mm Viper Jet

Stve Hoy, Free Wing 80 Avanti EDF, new LiOn batteries

Parker Hall, Logo 500 3D heli in a huricane

Joe Miller, Flite Test F-4 Phantom twin 70MM EDF

Jeremy Louden, E-Flite 70mm Viper Jet EDF

Brian Aimer, self built FPV quad

Joe Miller, Flite Test F-14 Tomcat twin 80mm EDF

some photos provided by Parker Hall

some photos provided by Parker Hall

First weekend of June, if you did not get out and fly, you missed two really nice days!

John Killinger flying his KT 120 powered Bommerang Sprint.

Jon Dieringer after a pattern practice session.

Steve Hoy's 91" Extreme Flight Laser and Rege Hall's 125" Laser.

Joe Hartsock with his electric plans built Scorpion sport plane.

Steve Hoy's Draco.

Rick Gilmore with his PA Addiction, great calm wind acrobat.

Brian Aimer and Ralph McBee at the FPV station.

Steve Hoy's electric Extreme Flight 91" Laser 200.

Warren Estep with turbine L-39 and EDF L-39.

Rege Hall's Extreme Flight 125" Laser 200, DA150 powered (photo by Brian Aimer).

Rege Hall's Turbinator, Swiwin 140 turbine power. (photo by Brian Aimer)

Harold Etling with Flite Test Flerken, looks funny, flies good.

Bryan Baumer's Balsa USA 1/4 scale Fokker DVII, very nice scale features and a scale landing.

Greg Stanfill's electric Edge 540.

Justin Hartsock getting 30cc Sukhoi 26 ready for a flihgt.

Bryan Baumer's Fokker DVII.

Mika Woodard's 1/3 scale Fokker DVII, DLE 85 power.

Gary Melkey, E-Flite 800mm Pitts.

Warren Estep's 80 Swiwin powered HSD Super Viper.

Steve Hoy's 106" Red Wing Extra 330SC.

Rege Hall's E-Flite 80mm EDF F-16 in Colts livery from the 2007 Superbowl win.

Turbine crew. HArold Etling with his Flite Test Scout

2022 Memorial Day Warbird warmup. The weather was warm, muggy and windy, cross wind to be exact. We still had a good turnout with lots of flying , visiting and food! Ryan Jones, welcome back. Flying his HSD L-39 powered by a KT 85.

John Killinger's Boomerang Sprint, now with additinoal smoke time.

Rege Hall's 8S Free Wing F-4 Phantom EDF.

Steve and Kyle Bushman with Steve's Stick.

Scott Martin with his E Flite P-51.

Brian Aimer after a FPV flight.

Cookout central.

Parker Hall flying his 90mm Free Wing F-16 in Thunderbir livery.

Bryan Baumer wlying Flex Innovations RV8 10E.

Rege Hall's Hawk 60E.

USAF Thunderbirds on the way to the Indy 500!

Saturday 14-May-22, a very nice day until a 1.5" downpour in an hour.

Parker Hall with Hawk 60E.

Brian Aimer flying his Bald Eagle.

Steve Hoy with his E-Flite Extra 300 4 cell power.

Rick Gilmre's Addiction, great plane on a calm day.

Kyle Bushman's 50cc Raven.

Rege Hall's Turbinator jet.

Greg Stanfill launching Harold Etling's Flite Test twin.

John Killinger's Boomerang R/C Sprint.

Blacksheep at 2022 NEFI (National Electric Fly In) at the International Aeromadleing Center in Muncie, Site 3. Tom Elam, Rick Gilmore, Rege Hall, John Louden and Bryan Paris enjoyed a nice day of flying at Muncie. Sunshine and nice teps, and cross winds as always!

Joe Miller's Flite Test F-18E Super Hornet, twin 70mm EDF's, fllies well.

John Lawyer lauching a glider on hi-start.

First 70 degree day, a bunch of members flying and one rolling the runway!

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